Sunday, July 26, 2020

Backyard Campout

Mr.K joined Beavers a few years ago, and discovered a love for camping.  It shouldn’t surprise me, as he has always loved being outdoors.  I had never been camping before, but last year joined some of the Cubs and Beavers and their families for a family camp.

I had quite a nice time.  I told him we would go camping again this year.  With Covid, his group hasn’t met since March, and all activities had to be cancelled.  That meant no spring Camporee, and no summer family camp.

We were supposed to go camping with friends this summer, but when my mother was diagnosed with cancer in the winter, we decided to hold off on booking anything as at the time, we didn’t know what her treatment would be.  The Covid happened, and we decided to hold off until next summer.

Mr.K was disappointed by this, so I told him that once the backyard was finished, we could camp ack there.  We had never done it before.  Previously, we did not have a fenced in yard, and our deck was full of patio furniture and a dining table.

Now that the yard is fenced, I am much more comfortable staying outside overnight.

Yesterday evening, we set up the tent.  Made dinner (walking tacos), played Sorry, swam, had a campfire and made s’mores. We went to bed in the tent, and woke up this morning.

It was quite the enjoyable night. Next time, he gets to camp with his dad!  I know he would love to do it with friends, but with the pool that makes me uncomfortable, so for the next few years it’s mom or dad!

Have you camped out in your backyard? Do your kids do it?

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