Sunday, June 12, 2022

Life With Cerberus

Cerberus has now been with us for two full weeks. His personality has really started to come through in the last few days.  He isn’t really a super playful dog, but he LOVES pets and snuggles. He even likes to curl up with Mr.J during class time.

He has met a few of the other neighbourhood dogs, and the introductions went pretty well. On our walks (which are short because of his pulling) he is generally indifferent to the dogs he sees and tends to ignore them, even when they want to come say hi.

Walking is a work in progress, and we have a trainer come today to try and help us learn how to communicate with him on leash.  We would really like to be able to take him on 2 decent walks each day.

He absolutely adores spending time outside (even in the heat) he moves around the yard in search of the sun when it’s cool, and in search of shade when it’s warm.

We took him in the car for the first time yesterday (his old owners said he loved car rides, and they were right!) he did super well. Just chilled looking out the window as we drove a short distance.  He has a vet appointment this week, so I needed to know how he was in the car, in case I had to leave super early.

Saturday, June 4, 2022

Cerberus is settling in

It’s now been a week since we adopted our pup, Cerberus.  He is talking a bit more, and loves to be around people. He has met a couple of our friends/family and greetings are always the same - he noses around them for a bit, then sits and expects to be pet. He will follow the new friend around to make sure they don’t forget he likes to be pet. No jumping, growling or barking.

We discovered his dislike of thunder. He jumped into our bed at 2am Thursday night and stayed there most of the storm. I am not a fan of dogs sleeping in my bed, so it’s only allowed to happen during thunder or fireworks.  He is pretty good about listening to get down when he hops onto the furniture.

I am still not able to walk him, and hubby is starting to get the hang of stopping or turning around any time he pulls. I have some help coming over this weekend to work with us on the leash walking.

Now that he has been here and getting to know us, he lets us see his chatty side! It’s still not as often as I expected. Mainly when he greets us in the morning and when he knows he is going for a walk!

Monday, May 30, 2022

Welcome Cerberus!

It has been quite a long time since the blog has been active. As the kids got older, they wanted less and less to do with it.  I wasn’t really sure where to go with the blog, after all, the title is “Tales of Mommyhood”.

This weekend, we welcomed a new member to our family. This one is furry and likes to chase chipmunks. So, now I am mom to two human kids and one fur baby!

We adopted a 6 year old husky mix.  It’s only been a few days, but he seems to be settling in well.  Getting to sleep at night is a bit difficult for him right now, but once he settles he seems have a good sleep.

He seems to be perfect in the house, listens well and loves attention.  Walking is another story. He pulls, and super high prey drive.  He walks “ok” for hubby, but I have great difficulties so need to get someone to help us with that.

I will likely be posting a bit more often now that i have someone to post about! Feel free to follow him on Instagram 

Friday, August 20, 2021

Dreambuilders GIVEAWAY

One of the latest family movies, Dreambuilders, is being released on August 24th on Blu Ray/DVD.   

Minna enjoys her life with her dad, but when his fiancĂ©e and her daughter move in, she isn’t too happy and hopes that things can change.  She tried to interfere in her step-sisters dreams in hopes of making things better. 

You can watch the trailer below and enter to win your own copy.  


Giveaway will be open to Canadian residents only, that are 18+.  There will be 3 winners and they will be contacted directly by me. 

Monday, October 26, 2020

All Aboard the BRIO Train - Choo Choo! {review}

The set we were sent for review #Sponsored 

My kids loved playing with trains when they were young. We had a few different sets, and they saw a lot of use over the years. Trains are the type of toy that is classic. Most kids enjoy playing with them at some point, and they never really go out of style. When I was offered the chance to review the BRIO line of Smart Tech trains, I couldn't turn it down.  My kids are older, and not really into trains at this point, but I knew it would be a great item to fill my readers in on.  

The Smart Tech trains are battery operated and will run along the tracks. They make noise, and there are tunnels and other accessories that can be used with the sets as well. The Smart Tech trains can be paired with the Smart Tech Sound app (not necessary to use the sets, just a bonus) and with the app the sounds can be customized.

I was sent the Brio Smart Tech Sound Action Tunnel Travel Set. It didn't take long to put the track together (it is best on a firm, flat surface - I didn't have room anywhere but my carpet, and it was fine, but would be better on a smoother area). 

In addition to the track and train, the set comes with 2 people, luggage, trees and tunnel. If you stand the people on the platform, they can even hold the luggage in their hand.

I really like the BRIO line of Smart Tech toys. It is easy to use the imagination, be creative, uses fine motor skills and its fun! If you have a pre-school or school aged train lover in your life, this line would be a great gift. The sets can be used together, and other accessories can be purchased to go along with them also.

Here is a short video I took of the train. It did have a little trouble getting up the hill, however I think that was because the tracks are on carpet so it wasn't completely even. As mentioned above, it will work best on a flat, firm surface.

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Hamilton Beach Sure CrispTM Toaster Oven {review}


We recently completed a kitchen renovation, and are planning on changing out our appliances slowly to match.  Most of ours had been white, and we are now wanting to go with stainless steel.  The dishwasher was the first one to replace, as it broke before we started the reno.  Just after the kitchen was complete, I was contacted to see if I was interested in trying out the new Hamilton Beach Sure CrispTM Toaster Oven .  Our old one still worked, but I decided that it was the perfect opportunity to change it out, and was able to gift it to someone on my local buy nothing site (I try and keep things out of the landfills when possible)

The Sure CrispTM Toaster Oven will toast, bake, broil and air fry! I haven't used any type of fryer before, so I was excited to give it a try. I decided to make french fries in it for the kids to have with lunch.  I put them in the fry basket, placed it on the pan and chose the correct setting.  They came out hot and crispy. Much better than baking them in the oven, and so much healthier than a traditional fryer that uses oil.

My 10 year old really likes being able to make his own food, but when he is making a serving for just himself, I don't want him using the oven for such small portions. This is the perfect size for him, and really easy for him to use.

We have used it for toasting bread and bagels. It took me a couple times to get the timing right for the perfect crispness that we like. It is faster at toasting than our old one was. I think I have it figured out now though.

Friday, September 4, 2020

Happy (early) 40th Birthday To ME!!!!!

This month, I will be turning 40. Hubby and I discussed it last year, and he was going to plan a big pool party to celebrate. Then, covid happened. It messed with all those plans, the big shindig will be for my 41st instead.  We will just be having 1 or 2 friends over for a socially distant bbq and swim.

I wasn't really sure what we would do to mark this big birthday, and then in early June, my dishwasher broke. We had just finished cleaning out the backyard in preparation for the pool.  When it broke (somehow it ended up with a crack in the base of the dishwasher - it almost looks as if something burned into it), I came up with a plan.  When we bought this dishwasher, the technician and hubby had to break apart the old one to get it out. Then, they had to break the counter top to get the new one in. When the original owners put in ceramic tile, they didn't lift up the cabinetry, they just added a subfloor and tiled. Which meant the tile was about 1 inch above the base of the cabinets and dishwasher.

Since the counter was already broken, and my cupboards were missing a couple of doors, and one drawer was broken (Mr. J used to step on the handle to climb onto the counter), I decided it was time for a new kitchen.

Hubby and I have been discussing it for a while, and we had 3 scenarios in mind. The first was the cheapest, just buying new doors and replacing the counter.  The 2nd was all new cabinets/doors, counter - and extending the counter past the sink to make an island/breakfast bar. The 3rd was completely gutting the kitchen (including the floor) and changing the layout.  We like to call option 3 the "dream kitchen". Unfortunately, the dream kitchen was not in my budget, but we were able to go with a combo of #2 and #3. We hired someone to custom build all the cabinets (and he had a couple of design ideas for us which gave us a bit of a change) and we also changed the place of the pantry. It used to be directly across from the counter, which didn't give a lot of room to walk by, we switched the location to the opposite wall, next to our patio door.

I am so happy we did it, although it was an incredibly disruptive renovation.  The kitchen really is the heart of our home. I spend a lot of time in it, and not having a sink for 2 weeks was rough. I washed all the dishes in the bathtub. 

The cabinets only took 2 days to get in, but then we had to have them measured for the counter, and that took a week before we could get it installed. We were lucky, and managed to have our plumber booked for the same day as the counter, so my kitchen is now complete.

If we ever do go for the "dream kitchen", I will pay someone to do the demo, and I will also go to a hotel for a week or 10 days to cut down on the disruption of not having a functioning kitchen.  It was nice that it was during the summer, so hubby was able to bbq many of the nights,

And now, pictures!


We all helped with the demolition. Hubby did the majority of the tear down, while I carried all the old stuff out to the garage.  The kids were very excited to get to help destroy stuff, and it didn't take any convincing to get them involved.


There was a counter beside the fridge, and the cupboards weren't very deep.  He brought the cupboards over the fridge out and made them deeper, as well as added vertical slats for my baking pans. Then he made a shelf for the microwave, added in 2 drawers and brought the upper cabinets out to be the same depth as the lower ones.  This is actually my favourite part of the "new kitchen"....although I do really love the island.

We extended the counter by the sink to have an island/breakfast bar. Added an extra cupboard on the wall, and moved the pantry (also making it larger than it was).  He built us a display shelf as well (which we needed - the space was missing something, and the shelf fills it well)

We still haven't found the right chairs/stools - but these 2 were being given away on my local buy nothing site, and they work perfectly for now until we find the ones we want.

The new pantry. It is 10 inches wider than the old one, and 5 inches deeper. It actually allowed us to remove the pine unit we had in the opposite corner before, so has opened up the other space.

As the rest of our appliances die, we will be replacing them with stainless steel to match the colours in the kitchen.

It was a very busy summer in terms of renovations. The backyard was a much bigger reno, but it wasn't nearly as disruptive.  I am very glad that we went ahead with it (and we really managed to luck in that our cabinet guy was able to book us in August, it was pretty quick turn around from making the decision to having it installed.)  Now we will be moving onto changing Mr. J's room. New paint, new bed, new closet.