Monday, August 17, 2020

Sunshine and Summertime

 I am a little in shock how fast this summer has gone by.  I think I say that every year, but I expected this one to really drag out, since the kids have been home for 5 months.

My kids start back to school on September 3rd, and they will be going in person.  There was a lot of discussion between my hubby and I on whether to send them or keep them home.  In the end, this decision is the best one for our family.

I am fully aware (and prepared for) the fact that we will likely end up with virtual learning again not far into the year..... but for now, they NEED this.  They need to see their peers in person, even if they will be wearing masks.  They need to be in the classroom, even if they don’t look the same and routines are very different from what they are used to.  Even if it’s only for 2-6 weeks, they need that connection with the “outside” world.

This summer has been filled with swimming and biking, you tube and video games.  

This weekend, Mr.K and I picked up my mom and took her to a sunflower field!  The family opens it up for visitors, and it’s such a wonderful place to visit.  They ask for donations to help them care for the animals they rescue.

I hope that you have had a fun summer!  Drop me a line to let me know how you are doing, and what school looks like this year for your families!

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