Monday, March 7, 2016

Mr. J Bakes Cookies

My kids have always helped me in the kitchen with baking. Whether it was pretzels, cakes, cookies or cupcakes - they always wanted to be with me and were happy to get dirty in the process.

Last week, Mr. J asked me if we could make cookies on the weekend.  He wanted to do everything, and just have me there to supervise or help him if he had trouble.  I said SURE (not one to turn down time with the kids when they ask for it, as it is getting less and less as they get older).  Yesterday his brother was at a birthday party, so it was the perfect time to spend some 1 on 1 time together.

I got out a simple recipe, and helped him read it.  He gathered all the ingredients and put everything together how it should be done (he is even getting pretty good at cracking eggs).  I showed him how to roll the dough together, and the spacing that was needed on the sheets and he did the rest.

He put the trays in the oven

He anxiously awaited for them to finish cooking

 He transferred them to wire racks to cool when they were done

He did an amazing job (and they turned out PERFECTLY).  I was so happy to see him having so much fun in the kitchen!  He now wants to help me make a turkey dinner....

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  1. Wow good job i bet it was fun eating those yummy cookies


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