Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Multi-Generational Travel Destinations

Creating memories while traveling is something that I wish everyone had the chance to do.  We have traveled with the kids and hubby's parents twice - both times to DisneyWorld.  There are so many other places I would love to visit, and for the kids to visit.

Paula at Thrifty Mommas Tips has put together a list of five places that are great for traveling with different generations!

"Multi-generational travel can be wonderful. Enjoying life long memories with everyone in the family from grandparents down to grandchildren is something that not every family gets to do. Although multi-generational travel can be fun, it’s sometimes difficult to find destinations that appeal to everyone. That’s why I’ve put together 5 great multi-generational travel destinations in the southern U.S."
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Have you traveled with your family? What is your favourite destination?


  1. What an amazing adventure..I would love to do this

  2. I loved travelling with my mom when she came to visit or with my mother-in-law too. It's such a good feeling being able to show them around and show them the sights that they see for the first time. My mother-in-law asked before she came if we could go and see Niagra Falls (we lived in MB at the time), the distances we have here astonish them all.

  3. I travelled with my family for a wedding in Mexico. It was great having everyone together and hop to go again someday. So relaxed with the all inclusive. No one had to host. It was great

  4. I traveled around Newfoundland with my Mom and sisters and it was totally amazing with my Mom just turning 91 it was a trip of a lifetime!

    1. I would love to visit NFLD! My mom and I drove out east to Halifax (for a funeral) it wasn't the best trip based on the reason, but we enjoyed the drive

  5. Yes I have, my favorite was to cuba and hawaii.

  6. We are headed to Washington DC in the spring with my parents! For most of us, it's our first time there and we are really looking forward to it!

  7. I love family travel! Been to Arizona for some hiking, which was lovely.


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