Sunday, May 3, 2015

Simple Minecraft Cake

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The school cake raffle is tomorrow - it's the school event I look most forward to every year.  Parents donate baked goods (or bought) or spring toy items (bubbles, chalk, skipping ropes etc) and the kids buy raffle tickets.

They walk around looking at the items and place their tickets in the raffle for whichever items catch their eye.

This is the 4th year we have participated (caterpillar, angry bird, minion) and Mr. J wanted me to make a minecraft cake this year. Mr. K chose a Smartie Surprise cake  I had a few awesome ideas, however he quickly shot them all down and told me what he wanted.

Directions for simple minecraft cake:
  • bake a 9*13 cake (your favourite recipe or a mix)
  • once the cake is completely cooled, trim the long edge (about 2 inches) and cut the remaining cake in half
  • place one half on your cake board or plate, ice with a thin layer of frosting and place the other half on top
  • place in freezer (I find frozen cake easier to ice)
  • once frozen, use chocolate frosting on the lower part of the cake and coat with oreo crumbs 
  • use wilton tip 233 (grass tip) to pipe green icing to look like grass
  • use wilton tip 2 to make red squares in the corners (representing TNT)

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