Thursday, May 21, 2015

Cake Raffle Round Up

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Every spring the school that Mr. J and Mr. K attend holds a cake raffle.  It is organized by the school council and all funds go back to the council to support different events that take place towards the end of the year.

I have donated cakes every year since we started at the school, and will continue to do so until the event ends or the kids are no longer attending .

Each year I search for ideas to make - and I figured there are others out there searching for great ideas as well - so I decided to do a round up of cakes that would be great for a cake walk or cake raffle.

I have rounded up some great cakes from some of my fellow bloggers - I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Caterpillar from our first cake raffle

This is the cake I plan to make next year - a kit kat cake from Little Miss Kate
kit kat cake, cake ideas, birthday cake, cake walk, cake raffle
From Little Miss Kate
This super cute petal cake from Raising Memories would be awesome also
polka dot cake, cake walk, cake raffle, cake ideas
From Raising Memories

Minion cake from our 3rd year participating in the cake raffle

These Lego cupcakes from Mom Vs. The Boys are sure to be a hit with the kids

lego cupcakes, cake raffle, cake walk, cake ideas, kids, birthday ideas
From Mom Vs. The Boys

Mom Vs. The Boys has this really cool dragon cake also that I am sure would be a big draw

fire breathing dragon cake, cake ideas, cake walk, cake raffle, dragon,
From Mom Vs. The Boys
The 2 cakes from this year


  1. Such great cakes ! Love the angry birds and minions one!

  2. I love the Kit Kat cake -- it's beautiful!


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