Friday, August 8, 2014

Mini Golf Gardens - Our Day With Mr. K

Saturday evening we attended a wedding for my cousin, and the kids spent the night at their grandparents house.  Mr. J was planning on staying over again Sunday night, so we decided that we would take Mr. K out and do something special with him.

We decided that the 3 of us would go and play a round of mini-golf.  Hubby and Mr. J have gone many times over the past few years, but Mr. K has only been once (last summer).

We headed out to Mini-Golf Gardens and paid for our round of golf.  

Mr. K had no idea how to hold a club, so hubby gave him a quick lesson (which he really wasn't paying much attention to, and even with us reminding him as we went around the course, he tended to treat the club like a hockey stick)

We managed to make our way through the 18 holes, hubby scored a hole in one on TWO different holes, and Mr. K even managed to get a hole in one (no idea how that happened...but he was so proud of himself!)

Hole In One!!
When we finished the first course, we grabbed a bottle of water (it was pretty hot and we needed to stay hydrated) and then we headed off to do the other course (there are two 18 hole courses at mini-golf gardens.  At this point, you get a 2nd round free with one paid round)

making sure to stay hydrated!

After the 5th or 6th hole Mr. K was pretty tired, but he managed to complete the rest of the holes.  

When we were finished, we went and sat at one of the tables and Mr. K had a popsicle to cool off.  

We headed to the truck and went to the car wash - a highlight for Mr. K;  half way home, and he was fast asleep.

This is NOT a sponsored post.  We paid for our round of golf and did not receive any type of compensation for this promotion.


  1. Love mini-putt! Its been way to long since I've been!

  2. When I was little we went to a place called "Putt-Putt" - great memories for the kids! :-)

  3. If you can manage a day out with just one of your children at a time then you have created a special memory for just you and them. happy mini putting

  4. That looks really fun!


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