Thursday, August 7, 2014

Discovering Ottawa - Museum of Science and Technology

Living in the Nations Capital, we are very fortunate to have access to MANY museums.  One of my favourites as a child was the Museum of Science and Technology.  My grandparents lived not far from it, and we visited often together.
At the time, my 2 favourite parts were the trains and the incubator that housed eggs, and if you were lucky you could even watch some chicks hatch!

The museum has changed a LOT since I was a kid (technology has come a long way since then!)  I haven't visited in 10 years or so.  We went with friends (we do lots of family stuff together, the kids are all pretty much the same ages) and it was nice to chat.
Mr. K was exhausted while we sat and watch the static electricity demo

It was pretty hectic, Mr. K is just too busy and running from one place to the next to go with others right now....if we visit another museum this summer, I think I will take Mr. J on his own.....

The boys really enjoyed checking out the cars, and Mr. K's favourite part of the museum was the train area. They all really enjoyed being able to climb into a train and walk out on the other side!

Do you have a lot of museums around you? Which is your favourite to visit?

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  1. My kids love this museum as well, but I find it difficult to keep track of them, so we don't visit it so often. The crazy kitchen is still a favourite.

    1. Yep; I found that difficult. Each section seems to lead to another 3 areas

  2. I live just outside of Toronto and have not been to Ottawa in years. The museum looks like a great place to visit! Thanks for sharing !

  3. I envy you living in Ottawa, so close to all the museums. Fortunatley my brother- in law and family live there so we can visit the museums and family all at once

  4. Ooo cars. My son would love this place. I can't believe that I've lived in Ottawa for over 20 years and never been. Thanks for the reminder to put this on our "To Do" list.

    Besos, Sarah
    Blogger at Journeys of The Zoo

  5. I remembering visiting the museum as a kid. It was free admission back then.....
    I loved the crooked kitchen then. Now when I take my 2 kids, they love the crooked kitchen too!

  6. This looks like a great place to visit when we are in Ottawa!

  7. We took our girls there a few years ago and had a blast! It is a fun museum!


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