Monday, August 11, 2014

Croquet - Backyard Family Fun With Coleman!

When I was a little girl, my parents had a croquet set that they used to put up in the backyard, and my parents, brother and I would play often. It was a lot of fun; simple, don't have to leave home, outdoor fun.

I really enjoy sharing with my kids things that I loved to do as a child, and I haven't played in many, many years. When Coleman offered me the chance to feature a croquet set here, I gladly took them up on it.

6 Player Croquet Set Pro
  • Perfect for family play (up to 6 players)
  • Bright colours for low light play
  • Includes (game rules, six 28” long solid wood mallets, six 3” molded plastic balls, nine vinyl-coated steel wickets with flags, two solid wood goal stakes)
  • Reinforced polyester carry bag
  • Available at Canadian Tire, MSRP: $74.99
Our set arrived this week and the boys were anxious to have it set up and start playing.  We headed outside and they each chose the colour that they wanted to use; Mr. J chose Red, Mr. K chose blue and I was purple.

We followed the instructions for set up (although I had the wickets spaced much closer together than they should have been)

Mr.K doesn't really "get" the rules, but he had a lot of fun hitting the ball with the mallet, and he did understand that the ball had to go through the wicket.  Mr. J would have had more fun if it had been just him and I playing, or with his dad.  He doesn't really have the patience to play games with a little brother that is learning.

If you are looking for an outdoor game that can be used together as a family, either at home, at a picnic or camping then this is a great set to consider!

What is your favourite outdoor hobby to do as a family?


  1. Oh, that brings back so many memories! We'll have to get a set. My son is wild for all forms of bowling, so lawn bowling is a favourite! :-)

  2. Me and my brothers spent many an hour playing croquet when we were kids! Even though it usually ended with us chasing each other around the yard with the mallets!!

  3. love playing croquet

  4. I can remember playing this when I was a child, since I am 5 years older then my next sibling the game didn't last too long

  5. I loved playing croquet as I child. I think my girls would have a lot of fun as well with this set.

  6. I was telling my hubby about this game yesterday. It would be a great activity that I know our son would willingly play with us and his baby sister! lol

  7. This looks like so a really fun game although I've never played. I never thought to buy a set!


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