Friday, June 14, 2013

Grocery Challenge - week 3

Miss last weeks post? You can read about it week 2.

picture of grocery shop

This week is a rough shop; most of what I needed was not on for great prices, so I spent about $15-20 more than I was hoping. However, in that price I also purchased baby wipes (which will last approx 1 month) and a cake (I RARELY buy cakes from the store - but we are having company and I was too tired to make dessert)

Here is a breakdown of the overall cost:

Total VALUE: $136.86
Total price matching: ($31.81)
Total Coupons: ($4.00)
Total out of pocket: $105.02

This is what I bought:

2 jars of Sweet and sour sauce ($2 cpn WUB2) and price matched to $2.49/each = $2.98 total
2 breton crackers price matched to $2/each = $4.00 total
2 goldfish crackers price matched to $2/each = $4.00 total
2 cream cheese price matched to $2/each = $4.00 total
6 pack sponge towels ($1 cpn) price matched to $3.00 = $2.00 total
2 yogurt tubes price matched to $2.00 each = $4.00 total
2 bacon price matched to $2.66 each = $5.32 total
1 cantaloupe price matched to $1.50 = $1.50 total
4 english cucumbers price matched to $0.49 each = $1.96 total
Nectarines price matched to $2.18/kg = $1.63 total
Green pepper price matched to $2.18/kg = $0.93 total
Chicken breasts price matched to $10.98/kg = $9.51 total (not a good sale price at all)
2 x pint of blackberries
3x pint of raspberries
Baby wipes
Bagel Crisps
4 lt milk
orange juice
party mix
nutrigrain bars
Lunch meat
2 x 6 pack bagels

Everything else I purchased was either regular price or on sale at RCSS

Remaining total to complete the grocery challenge = $213.05 - $105.02 = $108.03.  Unfortunately, unless next week has some GREAT sales, I will NOT make it. However, if you take out the items that I bought for stocking up (peanut butter, bbq sauce and pasta) I would probably come in under $400 for the month.  Those items are not feeding us this month, and are sitting in the downstairs pantry until needed.

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