Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Years

Good morning and Happy New Years to you! 2012 was a wonderful year for our family and we are looking forward to what 2013 has in store for us.

New Years is not something that is big for us anymore.  We celebrate with the kids generally by camping out with sleeping bags in our family room watching movies and playing games. This year was slightly different - we spent the day together as a family; we made our way downtown to the rink of dreams at City Hall and enjoyed some beavertails (for those of you not from the area, a beavertail is fried dough topped with cinnamon sugar - there are other variations, but that is my favorite)

We then made our way back home, put together the boys new train table and had supper (which consisted of a bunch of appetizer type foods). Instead of a movie this year, Mr. J wanted to watch Knight Rider episodes, so that is what we did until he fell asleep. Mr.K however, was a complete basket case as he was over tired.....he wasn't able to fall asleep, and he was just very unhappy...he finally fell asleep around 1030 but it was not a restful sleep and he was up a few times, whimpering and unhappy throughout the night.

This morning we had a really nice brunch together and finished putting the last of the Christmas decorations away. I hope you and yours had a wonderful time, whether spent at a party or a quiet evening at home!

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