Thursday, January 3, 2013

How to save money

With the new year upon us, I have made the decision to increase our savings. We are hoping to go to Disney World again next January and while we have some money set aside already, I don't want to deplete our bank account for the trip.

I saw this great thing on facebook today - it tells you that if you save the amount of money per # week of the year (from 1 -52) at the end of the year you will have saved $1378.

Check it out for yourself!  For me, I looked at what I was going to transfer into my savings account today anyways, and it brought me up to week 15. This way, I figure it gives me a little wiggle room if things are tighter one week - but I still plan on making my weekly contributions for weeks 1-14.

So, if I don't need to skip a week, my total contributions by the end of 2013 should be $1618.00 - this will be in addition to what we already contribute.

What about you - do you have any monetary goals for the year?

I just received a great tip on this too - if you start with the highest amounts first (so reverse the weeks) you will earn more interest, and be "saving less" closer to Christmas!

Do you have a savings goal for the year?


  1. That sounds like a great strategy to save. This year we continue a search for a resale family home.


  2. I haven't made any savings plans but I should. That's more my husband's area of expertise.

  3. I am big on saving! Every transaction I make on my bank account, it takes an additional $1.50 and puts into my savings account. I don't touch my savings ever. It's my emergency money. Last year, I ended up saving enough money to buy my first vehicle cash instead of having to get a loan and hopefully now I will never have to have a car payment that is massive!

    I used to be very broke when I first had my kids, so I always try my hardest to never get back to that point and save every penny I can. I'd love to have enough to be able to survive 6 months if I was to ever have to look for a new job.

  4. Love it! Savings is so important and I have fell off the savings wagon! Hoping back on! Thanks for the tip!

  5. Awesome! Thanks for the tip about investing the money 'backwards'!


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