Saturday, December 29, 2012

Merry Christmas

Christmas Tree
picture copyright of Kerwin Lewis

Christmas has come and gone now, and I have been away from Tales of Mommyhood. I decided to let go of the computer for a few days of much needed, and enjoyed, family time.

We had a wonderful Christmas eve celebration with my family at my mothers house; when we came home we said goodbye to our elf, Zolly and put out milk and cookies for Santa. We then read Twas the Night Before Christmas (a tradition before bed on Christmas Eve). The boys were very happy when they awoke in the morning to find that Santa had been, and Zolly had gone (they were a little sad with that, but happy that Santa picked her up and took her back to the North Pole with him).

After gifts were opened we enjoyed a nice breakfast and played with some of the new toys. A visit with my brother and his family, and then off for supper at hubby's parents house with them and his grandfather.

I sincerely hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas with those you are close to; it is always slightly sad for me as I miss my dad - he was a big Christmas nut and it saddens me that my kids don't get to create memories with him...but I treasure the memories I have from my childhood.


  1. Memories of loved ones gone can make you feel sad for awhile but then look at your children's or grandchildren's faces and you instantly are brought back to the present, you see familiar family features and smile

  2. Merry christmas! Hope you had a great one!


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