Sunday, June 9, 2019

Journey Of A White Belt

Many years ago, Mr. J told us that he wanted to try karate. I did some research, tried to find a good dojo in our area that might be a good fit. It was a little overwhelming, as there are many martial arts places around.  Eventually, I found a groupon for Browns Martial Arts.  At the time, the deal was $49 for 3 months of karate and the uniform. We purchased 2 (one for each of the boys) and gave them to them for their birthdays. 

Once they had settled in to school that year (grade 2 and kindergarten), we started their trials. Mr. K was in the little dragons program, and Mr. J was a white belt in the regular karate program.  Mr. K tried it a few times, but wasn't really into it. Mr. J LOVED it though.  He practically begged us to sign him up once his trial was over.

with his first place trophy after his first tournament
He progressed to yellow belt, then orange and then green. When he reached green belt, he was able to start using a bo staff. This was (and is) his favourite part of karate.  He struggled a bit during green belt, and sometimes talked about stopping. He decided to stick with it though. He competed at in house tournaments (he came first a few times), and made his way up the belt ranks to a brown belt. He volunteered at events they held, and really enjoyed assisting the senseis' during class.

received most improved student in 2017

A few months ago he was invited to grade for his black belt. This testing only happens once a year. Yesterday was the day. It was a long, grueling day for the brown belts. They were dropped off at the dojo at 8am, and picked up just after 6pm.

Today was the BIG day. The ceremony day. The day that they were awarded with their black belts. It was a wonderful afternoon. Emotional for us (partly because we are so proud, and partly because his grandfather was a HUGE part of his karate journey, and he passed away a few weeks ago. He had been so looking forward to seeing this happen, but unfortunately didn't make it quite that far).

I don't think I have ever seen Mr. J so happy. He was smiling from ear to ear most of the afternoon.

his belt and sensei guy

receiving black belt

with one of his sensei's

It was so wonderful to watch him receive the black belt. After close to 5 years, to see all the hard work and effort pay off. This isn't the end of his karate journey though. He hopes to continue working at it and earning his second stripe in a few years. For the next little while, he is hoping to be able to do more assisting in class.

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  1. Such an amazing accomplishment!! Very proud of J, sad that I couldn't make it.


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