Thursday, May 30, 2019

Learning Differences - How To Help Your Child Succeed

As parents, I think we can all agree that we want the best education for our children. We also want them to do well in school, and try their best.  It's normal that kids may struggle in certain subjects, or even just with a particular unit in a certain subject.  Sometimes teaching a different way, or having a little extra time on that subject can help.

Mr. J doing homework when he was young
When it comes to children that have an LD (I prefer learning difference to disability), sometimes they need a lot more than just a "little" extra help.  In  these cases, it isn't a matter of just working or trying harder. Their brains process information differently, and they often need a lot more help.

Mr. K was diagnosed with LD's at the beginning of grade 2. His mostly revolve around language. We weren't overly surprised with the diagnosis - he had speech and language issues as a toddler, and was in speech therapy for many years.  When you have a child with issues with speech, they are at a higher risk of LD's.  We knew when he was quite young that he was struggling.  He definitely had trouble with sound/letter recognition, even in grade 1.

Hiring a tutor was a big game changer. He is now reading at grade level (woohoo!) He still really struggles with printing and writing though.   Something that will need to be worked on going forward.

When looking for a tutor, it's good to ask a lot of questions.  Having a recommendation from a friend, family member or teacher is a great start. But be sure to ask what their qualifications are; if they have experience working with kids that have an LD, what their approach is.  Some tutors have private sessions, and others do group sessions. There are definitely pros and cons to both, and it really comes down to what works best for the individual child.

It's also important that the child has a good rapport with the tutor. It might take a few sessions to see if they are a good fit or not, but it's worth it in the end.

As a mom, it is so hard to watch them struggle. It's even harder when you see them trying so hard, and they just continue to struggle.  Seeing them down on themselves because they just aren't getting it is heartbreaking.  When you see them succeed, knowing ALL that has come before, is such a wonderful feeling.

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