Thursday, October 11, 2018

North Star Award

Last year, Mr. K joined Beavers. He started a little bit late, but he knew one of the other kids, and 2 of the scouters. He really enjoyed the activities that they did (participating in the Santa Claus parade, fun at the meetings, hikes, museum tours etc).

The white tails (those in their last year of beavers) had the opportunity to participate in a project to receive the North Star Award.

The project this group chose was building a bat box. With the help of their scouters, they were able to put together a bat box that will house over 100 bats. They were shown how to use power tools (safely, and under full supervision).

Arrangements were made to have it put up at a local park/campground, and a few weeks ago they presented it to a representative of Wesley Clover Parks, and received their badges for the North Star Award.


  1. I think it's great that the kids join these groups they learn new things and make new friends, and it gets them out of the house!


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