Sunday, April 1, 2018

Easter 2018

I hope that you had a fantastic Easter!  We started off the day great with a quick egg hunt from the Easter Bunny.  The eggs were hidden around our main floor, and the kids had to find them. Some were smartie eggs, some caramilk, and then there were a few plastic eggs with a loonie in them.

Mr. K apparently doesn't like caramilk bars, so he very kindly gave all of his caramilk eggs to his brother.

The photo above looks like just a smartie egg....but it really means so much more. Mr. K offered me 2 of his smartie eggs. Just because. He knows I like chocolate and he wanted to share with me. This was long after giving his brother all of this caramilk eggs. He wasn't thinking about the small amount of chocolate he got, he just wanted to be nice and share. This is my kid.  We have struggled a lot over the last year.  In the fall, he was diagnosed with ADHD. There are many, many difficult times. Occupational therapy appointments, physio, speech, vision, and more..... There are meltdowns, and non stop talking, non stop moving, and lots of agitation. There are struggles with learning (we are so fortunate that he has the teacher he does, and she is so very accommodating of his need to move) and struggles at home. But then, he does this.  This is the child that the teachers see. This is the child that his friends see. I am constantly told he is the kindest, gentlest, most helpful student. However, that is a side I don't often see. I know its there, because of days like today.  I don't talk much about him - because it's not my story to tell. However, it's also because I want to celebrate the good days, and not dwell on the bad.

We played board games, went for a walk and the kids played basketball together (and actually got along for the most part). I made a turkey dinner - no dessert, there was enough chocolate eaten throughout the day.

There were definitely some down points during the day (yelling, meltdowns, and some injuries while playing basketball), but overall it wasn't too bad.

There wasn't a TON of chocolate for them, so not much leftover....however, if you have mini eggs surrounding you, check out these easy birds nest cookies!

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