Friday, October 27, 2017

Phantom Of The Opera

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When I was 11, Phantom of the Opera came to Ottawa. I fell in love with the commercials, I tried to win tickets to the show, and when that failed I begged my parents to take me. Little did I know that my dad had already purchased tickets for my mom, grandmother and I to see the show.

When the night came, I was so excited. I absolutely loved it. It came back a few times afterwards, but I was never able to make it work to see it again. I have seen many more musicals since that time (Les Mis, Grease, Cats, Jersey Boys, and Mama Mia) but Phantom was always one I needed to see again.

When I found out this past spring that it was coming back, I knew we needed to go and see it. Hubby and I bought the subscription package: Phantom, Les Mis and The Illusionists.

Our Phantom show was last weekend and it was fantastic. It's been so long (26 years) since I saw it originally, that I didn't remember most of it - only the general story line.

I am really looking forward to Les Mis (in February. It's been 23 years since I saw that one). With all of the musicals I have seen, I would say that Phantom and Mama Mia are probably at the top of my list. Cats was my least favourite - and I actually can say that I didn't like it. I would NOT go back and see it again, even if I was given tickets.

Have you seen Phantom? What's your favourite musical?

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