Thursday, September 29, 2016

Tips To Help Keep Your Vehicle Clean And Organized

I have written in the past about how disorganized I am. I think I have even shown pictures of the inside of my vehicle before.  When I got the Malibu, I decided that needed to change. I was tired of having to clean the car and move things around just so we could have someone else sit in the vehicle.

One thing that drove me nuts after having kids was the salt and dirt on the back of the front seats. They are constantly putting their dirty shoes, or mucky boots on the seat backs.

Diono has car accessories that help with this. They attach to the head rest and have clips on the bottom to help keep from swinging. They also have pockets that you can use for storage (books, electronic devices, magazines, pens/crayons etc)
the one on the right is specifically meant to save the seat back :) the other is for organization/storage

Mr. K and I just did a long road trip (Ottawa - Kitchener and back) and having a storage container would have been so handy for his water bottle and snacks to be kept in.  Unfortunately I didn't have mine at the time, but now that I do it's lovely.

My number one tip would be to empty the vehicle of garbage and junk every time you get out of it. Use a pop up trash bin or have a box/bag handy that all wrappers and waste can be placed into - then have someone grab it every time you exit the vehicle. Even if you aren't home, most parking lots have garbage cans in them somewhere.

Do you have any tips?


  1. We don't have a car, but whenever we use one (we're vrtucar members and rent cars for long trips) I'm always combing the car for garbage every time we stop. So much easier to clean as you go! (Why I don't follow that advice at home I don't know, but LORD it would make cleaning much less overwhelming!!)

  2. I really need to organise my car, I am not the driver so I leave it to my hubby which means it is a pig sty!!!-great tips!

  3. Haha! My dad friend refers to his minivan as a giant Cheerio box. LOL!


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