Wednesday, September 28, 2016

It Doesn't Hurt To Ask

When you are buying something or paying for something, it never hurts to ask for a discount or if the company is willing to price match local competitors.  I try and price match my groceries when possible (although the quality at our local price matching store has gone down hill, so I now pay more and go to Farm Boy recently).  When I am purchasing furniture and what not I always ask if there are any discounts that are available.

I saved my mom some money on her snow removal contract for the upcoming season by asking if the company she prefers (and has had great experience with in the past) would match a local competitor that offered a seniors discount. They emailed me back with an updated contract within 30 minutes.

It never hurts to ask - all they can do is say no.


  1. It definitely doesn't hurt to ask, the most they can say is no....but I find many businesses, especially local ones-will go the extra mile and offer a discount to keep a customer satisfied.

  2. Yes I love saving money! Spend it on the kids instead


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