Sunday, September 25, 2016

Mommy Time Out....With Fudge

Today was a day when I needed to take 5. I had to catch my breath, and let myself calm down.  Mr. J has trouble with homework.  He really dislikes it, and so he lets that get to him and decides he can't do it.

He CAN do it. There isn't even all that much, and it is assigned on Tuesday night to come back on Monday.  He has 6 full nights to work on it. Honestly though, if he sat down and focused, he could have the entire assignment done in less than 20 minutes.  The amount of work assigned is very doable, he just doesn't want to do it.

This has been an ongoing battle since he started Grade 1. Every year, it ends up with the same fights and the same level of frustration from both of us.

Today, we took a break and went to Toys R Us. He had a gift card from his birthday, and he wanted to buy a board game.  When we were done there, we went to Cabelas (it opened last week) to buy his dad a birthday present and get some fudge.

Once we arrived home, he had his back up AGAIN because he had to finish his homework....I decided to take a 5 minutes fudge break.  I savoured that piece of fudge and let myself forget all about the homework woes.....until the 5 minutes was up.

He eventually finished and then I kicked the kids outside to play.  Nothing like some fresh air and playtime before bed :)


  1. So happy you were able to take a few minutes to yourself...and over a delicious piece of fudge. such a great idea. And I hear you with getting the kids outside for some fresh air right before. it definitely helps to then fall asleep a lot faster when hitting the pillow. I did the same thing tonight :)

  2. Ahhh! So frustrating when they can do it and won't.

  3. those homework battles.....they were brutal. Hoping my girl will be a little more easy with it!

    I want fudge :)

  4. Oh I know the struggles with homework, but I never had fudge to help me, I sure wished I had though, my girls were just awful when it came to homework

  5. Homework could be a struggle. I let them decide when they would do it, after school or after dinner. The deadline to start was 7 PM. Unless they had curriculum that evening then it was to be done after school. It work well for us. I love going to Cabela's especially for the fudge.

  6. It is very important that we take time for ourselves

  7. Sounds so good! Great call on the fudge!


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