Saturday, September 24, 2016

Beautiful Fall Days

Today was an absolutely beautiful fall day.  The air was crisp and fresh, and it was perfect sweater weather.  Whenever the autumn hits, I get into a home made soup mood.  I like chicken soup, hamburger soup, minestrone and potato leek soup.

I had everything I needed to make potato and leek soup, so I put it all together and simmered it on the stove.  When it was finished I made some bacon to crumble over the top.  It smelled so good I couldn't even wait for dinner - I had to have a mug right away.

What's your favourite soup?


  1. My mother makes a great potato/leek soup.....never tried it with bacon tho :)

  2. Mmm potato leek soup is such a fall comfort food of mine :)

  3. Sounds comforting!

  4. my favourite kind of soup is turkey vegetable.


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