Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Week 6 Summer Bucket List Update

A few weeks ago the kids and I sat down to create our summer bucket list. It's something we do each year, and while we know that we may not cross everything off our list, it just gives us some ideas of what we want to do with their time off school.
Unfortunately with the kids in camp last week we didn't get anything crossed off.  I went to the pool on my own one day (it was lovely - I could swim and lounge reading my book without worrying about my kids safety).  By the time I picked them up from camp, they were BEAT. It was a super hot week, and they were in a bike camp so physical activity most of the day.  Mr. J DID go off-site to a splash pad, but since Mr. K didn't go I am not going to cross it off the list.

  1. Cookie baking  We got new neighbours and Mr. J wanted to welcome them with chocolate chip cookies
  2. Sleepover at grandparents they have both had individual sleepovers
  3. Swimming  we did lots of swimming during our stay at The Brookstreet
  4. Water Fight
  5. Playing Soccer  The boys had fun playing soccer with their dad while he was on holidays
  6. Upper Canada Village
  7. Valley View Farm
  8. Saunders Farm
  9. Agriculture Museum
  10. Strawberry picking first week of July is prime Strawberry picking around here
  11. Reading 1 chapter book/week
  12. Movie theater we saw Angry Birds as a family
  13. Visit the Diefenbunker
  14. Lunch at the Cheshire Cat
  15. Ice Cream from Carp Custom Creamery
  16. Visit a splash pad
  17. Driving range
  18. Mini golf
  19. Museum of Nature
  20. Picnic in the park
The kids are back in Pedalheads day camp all this coming week as well.... so likely won't get anything crossed off again (although our weekend is free, so we might be able to hit up the driving range and go for ice cream)

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