Thursday, August 18, 2016

Back To School Prep With DK Canada! #BTS

Summer is coming to an end, and now is the time that we are starting to wind down our activities and get ready for back to school. Earlier bedtimes and a little more routine to our days. Other than reading, we don't focus too much on any type of school work over the summer.  In preparation of #BTS, one way to help get the kids ready is by doing some work with books from DK Canada.

The kids received a package earlier this week containing a few different books. A printing one for Mr. K and Mr. J got a cursive writing book and a 10 minute timer French book.

During our downtime over the next 2 weeks they will spend a few minutes working on the books they received.  It gives them a little practice (Mr. J didn't learn any cursive in school last year, and I think it is important that kids actually know how to SIGN their names) and the extra help with french won't hurt either.  Mr. K is still working on some fine motor issues with pencil grasp, so this should give him some great practice before heading into Grade one!

They have quite a few different books geared for the different ages and grades, you should stop by the website and check out what they have.

Do you do any kind of back to school prep with your kids?

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