Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Grade 3 Science Project

grade 3 science project, muscular force, car, build a toy

Mr. J is in the 3rd grade and recently came home with a letter that he needed to build a toy.  Their science unit right now is on forces, and they were instructed to build a working toy.

When I asked what he wanted to build, he immediately said a car.  We brainstormed some ideas, and listed the materials that he would need for the project.

His first list was a box, some water bottles, glue and plastic lids.  He quickly realized that he needed something to hold the wheels on.  When hubby got home they raided his workshop and found some copper pipe that would work.

He measured everything and then they got to work building the car.  They tested the plastic bottle caps, but found that they didn't work with the copper pipe.  They did some more brainstorming to see what items he thought would work for wheels.  A lightbulb moment had him deciding that CD's would work.

He ran upstairs and found 4 CD's;  he chose to paint the box orange, and when the paint dried he pushed the pipe through the box and attached the wheels. They would not stay alone, and with some searching through the workshop he found some nuts that would help keep them in place.

He discovered that his car works by using muscular force to get the motion started - and he is super excited to present it to his class this week!  Some of the other kids made boats and mazes that use magnetic force.


  1. "..His car works by using muscular force to get the motion started.." this just made my day!! Very well done project. I love it! @techtosterone and @IRemembaApp will RT for sure.

  2. Wow!!! What an impressive project. Your son did a fantastic job on it!

  3. What a great project and a job definitely well done. Hope his presentation goes well.

  4. It's amazing all the things we have lying around the house that can be used to make toys. When my son had to make one for his class project, him and my 3-year-old wouldn't stop playing with it. I was very tempted to get hubby to make them a few for Christmas.

  5. He did such a great job! I know my son would love to to make this as a fun project too :)

  6. What an awesome job. I don't think my girls ever did any science projects and they are now 10 and 13 LOL. Hope he does a fab job on his presentation!

  7. Great job! I know many parents complain about science projects, and maybe it is because my kids is only in SK, but I am looking forward to them!

  8. Wow,thats a very creative project.


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