Thursday, January 14, 2016

2016 Good Things Box

I have seen many things floating around pinterest and facebook about a "Happiness Jar".  Basically you take a jar and label it with the year, and then as good things happen, or happy events, you write them down on slips of paper and place them in the jar.  On New Years Eve you sit down and open the jar and then read through all the wonderful things that happened throughout the year.

This year, I decided that our family was going to follow this trend.  I found a small box (it was actually left from a Christmas gift I received).  I wrote the year, and some words on the sides of the box "Happy Thing, Fun Times, Good Memories" and left it on my kitchen table.  I have some paper and a pen with it, and as fun things have happened, wrote them down and slipped them inside.

On New Years Eve, while we have dinner or wait for the ball to drop, I will bring out the box and pass it around the table for everyone to have a chance at pulling out a slip of paper and reading some of our 2016 memories!

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  1. Well thats such a creative thing to do i love it and will try it for my own family....wishing for many good fun memories for your box !


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