Thursday, May 28, 2015

Summer Camp - Am I Ready?

The time has come. Mr. J has started asking about going to summer camp….sleep away camp to be precise. This has me excited, but nervous as well. I was the child that wouldn’t even contemplate going to sleep away camp. I didn’t even like sleeping away from home for ONE night, let alone a whole week.

After having kids, I knew I would be faced with this day happening eventually, but I was kind of hoping he would be a little older.

I want the boys to have these experiences that I was too shy for. My mom tried to push both my brother and I into it, but neither of us would go. I think we will hold off for ONE more year and re-visit the subject early next spring. I want to be prepared when we talk about it again, so I started looking online to see what camps were around (pricing and what is offered etc) and made a list of a few of the camps in Ontario that stood out to me. If you are looking to send your kids to camp, maybe the list will come in handy.

YMCA/YWCA Camp Otonobee, Ottawa
  • like that it is SO close to home
  • personal reports from friends that have sent their kids
Frontier Trails Camp and Outdoor Education Center, Eganville
  • like that it is close to home
  • different camp options
Ontario Pioneer Camp, Huntsville
  • high staff to camper ratio
  • personal reports from friends that have sent their kids
  • campers/parents can create a schedule tailored to suit the child (32 activities to choose from)
  • 200 staff - high supervision ratio for staff/campers
  • longer camp sessions
Camp Smitty, Eganville
  • close to home
  • operated by Boys and Girls Club (I attended a B&G club growing up!)
Instead of sleep away camp this summer for the kids, they will both do a week of day camp in July, and a week in August as well. They won’t be together (different ages, and different interests) but it will be nice for them to have some time with other kids and trying new things.


  1. I think we'll be signing our girls up for a week of summer camp this year as well. First time - our daycare provider is on holidays for a week in August and with other holiday plans, I don't think we have the vacation to take it off with them this year - AND I think I've found a camp that works, so we're gonna try it too. Hope your boys have a blast! - Louise

  2. My daughter has never been to summer camp. there really isnt anything in our area for it. but thanks for this post.

  3. Next year will be our year for summer camp, although I will still be hesitant...

  4. Adorable photo! Those sound like great camp options.


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