Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Mr. J The Karate Kid

A while ago Mr. J started showing some interest in Karate.  We looked around and finally found a place we thought would be a good fit.  Both kids started in September. Mr. K wasn't too happy, so he stopped going after the trial period.  Mr. J however LOVES it.

He was so happy going every week, he took part in a tournament a few weeks after starting and then continued on and attained he yellow and orange belts.

This past weekend was another tournament, and again he participated in it.  Hubby and his grandfather were there to cheer him on, and he came in FIRST place for his division.

He was so excited about this accomplishment and came home proudly to show me his trophy.

He has played soccer the last 2 summers, but this year has decided to continue on with Karate.  He is really hoping that he will be able to reach his green belt before going back to school in September.

Do your children have an activity that they are passionate about?


  1. Thats awesome! Its great when kids find that something that they really enjoy doing!

  2. Amazing! Congratulations to him!

  3. wow so cute , congrats to your lil Man :) ( Treen Goodwin )


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