Sunday, May 17, 2015

Mr. J Makes His First Communion

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Mr. J is made his First Communion today!!!!!.  We have attended all the retreats that were necessary throughout the last few months (2 for Reconciliation and 2 for First Communion).  We had a choice of 5 weekends and this was the date that worked out best or us.

We wanted to keep it small; the four of us, all 3 of Mr. J's grandparents (and his great grandfather) and then Mr. J's God Parents as well.

We ordered a sandwich platter from Farm Boy, a fruit tray, a pasta salad and cake (I can't have a celebration without cake) I searched all over pinterest and google images for cakes but couldn't find something that really worked for what I wanted.

I wanted to include a cross, but I also wanted to include a Chalice and Host as they symbolize the First Communion.

I asked Mr. J what he wanted as a cake flavour (he wanted a vanilla tie dye cake - similar to the smartie cake from the raffle).

I made a large round cake (to get the tie dye effect, once the batter is made separate it into bowls (approx 1 cup per colour) and then tint with your desired colours.  Bright, bold colours work best). You can then place the batter separately into piping bags, or just use a spoon and alternate swirling the batter around the pan).

Once the cake was baked I cooled it and then placed in the freezer (easier to frost).

After a few hours I removed it, placed it on the cake board and did a crumb boat with white icing.  I placed it back in the freezer for a few hours and then took it out to decorate.

I did another layer of what icing, then I used chocolate for the writing.  I tinted some of the white icing ivory and used that to pipe a chalice/host on one side, and a cross on the left.

I finished up using a star tip and created a star border on the bottom and top of the cake.

After the Mass had finished, we went to a hall in my in-laws community and had lunch and dessert. It was a really nice way to finish up.  It was small, so the kids were relatively well behaved (and no one to get them riled up).


  1. Always a special day for a family - blessings to you and yours. Beautiful cake!

  2. Congrats for such a special milestone!


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