Friday, April 10, 2015

Monopoly Fun

Mr. J and I love to play Monopoly.  We will often have a game running, and leave it for a few days and then go back and continue when we have some time.  When we first started playing it, years had gone by since I had played last and I needed to look over the rules.   I was shocked to see that some of the "rules" we played with growing up were not actually part of the game.

Growing up, we played that if you landed on GO you doubled your money (so $400 instead of $200). We also put all tax money or money owed through Community Chest and Chance cards into the middle of the board, and if we landed on Free Parking you won the money.

Playing with Mr. J today and he had a super lucky streak.   He won FREE PARKING at least 7 times. My streak? Landing in Jail.

Did you play with different rules when playing Monopoly? I would love to hear some of your variations!

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  1. That's such a nice tradition to have going on with your son!


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