Thursday, April 9, 2015

Breakfast In Bed

Mr. K was up early on Good Friday, but hubby and I were not ready to get out of bed.  I brought him into bed with us to cuddle for a little while, but he didn't want to settle.  He kept going back and forth from lying in bed with us to playing in his room.  He wanted to get up, but I kept telling him it wasn't "wakey time" yet.  He told me that the birds were awake, so it was time for us.

Mr. J appeared beside the bed and quietly told Mr. K to come with him.  Off they went downstairs.  I thought perhaps they were getting markers to colour on their doors (that's another post).  A few minutes later I hear them walking down the hall, and they yelled for me to wake up.  They then appeared at the end of my bed saying "surprise" they had made me breakfast, and brought it to me in bed.

They had toasted and buttered a sesame bagel, added a chocolate covered granola bar, a package of crackers and a single cookie.

They were so sweet, and so excited to be bringing it to me.  Mr. J said that I always make them breakfast, and lunches/snacks for school so he wanted to do something just as nice for me.

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