Monday, April 6, 2015

Lampe Berger Helps Freshen Your Home

Every now and then I come into the house and notice an off smell.  Sometimes it is easily tracked (most often I have forgotten to put the kitchen scraps into the green bin kept in our garage) but sometimes the source is never found.  In the past I have reached for an air freshener that I have picked up while doing groceries, and while it helps to cover the smell, it doesn't actually remove it.

Lampe Berger purifies the air, diffuses offending odours and provides a long-lasting pleasant fragrance.  I was recently sent an Ovalie boxed set and some sample fragrances to try out in our home.

When my Lampe Berger package arrived, I was excited to test it out.  I opened it up and checked out the instructions.  I didn't have time to get it ready (I had to pick the kids up from the bus) so I put it aside.  A few days later, I came home from the grocery store and was met by an unpleasant smell - I had forgotten to dump the kitchen waste the day before.

As soon as I had the groceries put away, I set to work setting up our Lamp!  Setting it up is quite simple: 

- use the provided funnel to pour your desired fragrance into the lamp
- put the wick into the lamp and replace the top
- use a match or lighter to light the lamp
- allow to burn for 2 minutes and then blow out
- replace top on lamp and allow to diffuse for a maximum of 20 minutes
- place stopper on when the time is up

Once the lamp was ready to go, I placed it on the kitchen counter and left the room.  When I was back in the kitchen I was pleasantly surprised by the light, fresh, scent. The unpleasant odour was gone.

Sometimes I find fragrances to be strong, and artificial smelling - but I was happy to discover that isn't the case with Lampe Berger.  I used the "So Neutral" fragrance and was quite happy.  

The lamps are quite stylish and would not be out of place on display - unlike the large plastic air freshener canisters you often see at the store.

You can see the many styles and fragrances available on the Lampe Berger website.  To stay up to date you can connect with Lampe Berger on Facebook and Twitter.

The above mentioned product was provided for review purposes.  All opinions are honest and belong to ToM. Your opinion/experience may vary.


  1. In India, lemon grass provided by Ayurveda stores do the trick. Lemon grass has a heavenly fragrance. Your posts are really helpful in running a better home:)

  2. used to use the plug in oil warmers :) this one is much cuter though :D

  3. I love my lampeberger!


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