Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter

Easter is here.  While we are Catholic and celebrate that Christ has risen, we also take part in the Easter Bunny tradition (although he almost forgot our house last night!)

I picked up all the supplies needed at the grocery store Saturday morning.  I left it in the Jeep so the kids wouldn't come across any of it.

Mr. J was not feeling great and was in bed quite early, but Mr. K was like an energizer bunny.  He just wouldn't stop.  I found Season 4 of Downton Abbey on Netflix to watch while I waited for the sounds coming from Mr. K's room to stop.  Finally, around 845 I realized there was no more noise.  I continued watching Downton Abbey and as I was on my way to bed realized the bunny was needed.

I quietly slipped outside, grabbed what I needed from the Jeep and proceeded to the door....oops, I slipped on a bit of ice :(  poor chocolate bunny suffered a broken neck

Luckily, I wasn't hurt and managed to get everything in the house and set up.  A carrot and some mini eggs left on the table for the Easter Bunny.  Baskets left out (the bunny gave them each a play doh stamper, box of 2 truffles, a box of jumbo chalk and a solid bunny) and the play doh eggs were left scattered around the living and dining rooms.

The kids were up at 5 am, but hubby and I weren't ready to get up yet.  We told them the bunny hadn't come yet and they had to stay in their rooms so they didn't scare him away.

At 630 we got up and made our way downstairs.

This was left where the carrot and mini eggs had been

I hope that all of you that celebrate have a wonderful Easter!


  1. That poor bunny! It's ok, I'm sure he tastes the same!

  2. Completely cute. :) My favorite Easter activity with my mother was making fondant-filled peanut butter eggs and molding solid-chocolate pigs, sheep and bunnies. Why pigs? Because my Mom found a 4-ounce mold of a walking pig and we loved how much "life" it had in its pose: walking on its hinds hocks, wearing a suit jacket and top hat.

  3. Aw what a fun day you set up for the kids!


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