Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Sponsored Video - Knorr: Flavour Of Home

Have you ever tasted something that reminded you of home? I have. My mom has certain recipes that she has made all my life (or most of it, anyways) and when having it, it takes me back to my childhood. She also puts together packages of baked goods for some of my cousins that don’t live in the area anymore…to bring them a little taste of home.

Home cooked meals with everyone together is an important part of the day, but it's not always possible. Knorr believes that food should be full of flavour, and one of the most important flavours is the taste of home.

The video shows Carmen (living in the Arctic caring for Husky’s) and her family (back in the UK). She misses home, and as she is eating a meal, she recognizes the meal as one her mom made when she was living at home in the UK. Out walks her mom from the kitchen and they enjoy an emotional reunion.

Research that Knorr had done shows that flavour can comfort people, make them happy and also remind them of home! Jon Affleck, Knorr;s Global Director says “We believe life should be full of flavour, and what better than the taste of home? We were keen to capture a true and authentic story that brings to life how flavour is so much more than just taste; it’s about emotion.”

The research showed that 75% of people agree that just one mouthful of their mother’s food can bring back happy memories! (I agree with that!)

What do you think? Are there any tastes that bring you back to your childhood? I would love to know what you think about the video!

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  1. Cabbage rolls, Coleslaw... two of my favourites that my mom makes every year for the holidays and has for as long as I can remember.

  2. The video is sweet. I definitely am brought back to my childhood by different tastes and smells (of food cooking). I believe that comfort food is a thing. Home, and comfort, really can be wrapped up in a home made meal.

  3. There are many tastes that bring me back to my childhood, one of them is turkey dinner. It's amazing how food can trigger so many emotions.

  4. My mom makes this special mac n cheese in the oven. It is the best and reminds me so much of sweet memories with my courins

  5. What an absolutely beautiful video. I love this so much. I miss my mom (may she rest in peace)'s food all the time and would give anything to taste it now.

  6. mine is cabbage rolls and tomato soup ! it's been years since i have had either of them

  7. Congee brings me back to my childhood.


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