Wednesday, February 25, 2015

How To Keep Busy During March Break In Ottawa

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If you are like me, you are probably searching out ideas to keep the kids busy during March Break.  I put together a list of 10 ideas, but I also wanted to look more at specific things to do in Ottawa.  Here are some ideas if you live in the area.

  1. The City of Ottawa offers many different programs that run for the entire week - this is a great option for working parents that need care for their kids during the break (there is a fee for these programs)
  2. The Ottawa Public Library is offering a few different activities and courses around the city at their locations. (there is a fee for some of the programs, others are free)
  3. Spy Camp at The Diefenbunker (there is a fee for this)
  4. Visit any of the local museums (War museum, Agriculture Museum (or maybe you know it as the experimental farm), Museum of Nature, Museum of Civilization)  There is an admission cost, but you can also take out passes at the library for free - this is tricky, as there is no "wait list" and you have to hope they are in stock when you go.
  5. Walking, snowshoeing or cross country skiing on any of the nature trails in and around Ottawa (there are MANY to choose from)
  6. If it is cold enough, the Rideau Canal may still be open and that is free (of course, you will most likely want to purchase a beavertail and hot chocolate) or visit a local sugar bush
  7. Many of the local activity centers run day camps (Tiny Hoppers, Browns Martial Arts,  Starr Gymnastics, Kids Kingdom are a few that come to mind) There will be a fee for these, but you may be able to enroll for just a day and not the entire week
  8. If you have young kids, Chapters is also a great option
  9. Some of the local malls offer daily activities for free
  10. Stay home and have a day of fun! Toboggan near your house, then come home and bake some yummy treats, put on a favourite movie and relax enjoy your baked goods!
If you know of any other great activities in the Ottawa area, please leave a link in the comments!


  1. My Grandparents live in Ottawa & when I was down for a visit they took me to the Rideau Canal. Such a lovely spot in winter! Awesome that it's free admission, too. A perfect day for the family.

  2. Ooo what a fun list of events!


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