Sunday, February 22, 2015

10 Ideas For A Wonderful March Break

March Break is almost here - just a few more weeks.  I always look forward to having the kids off school and at home with me!  I like to plan a few activities to do with them, and then we also just go with the flow for some of the time as well.

I have put together some ideas to help you keep the kids busy (and yourself sane!) while they are off school.
  1. Spend the day at a local museum
  2. Go to a morning movie and then for lunch
  3. Have a few friends over to play
  4. Visit a local sugar bush
  5. Get out your baking ingredients and spend the day in the kitchen
  6. Put on all your winter gear and spend time outside building a snowman, tobogganing, going on a winter nature walk or whatever activities your family enjoys
  7. Set up a scavenger hunt (indoors or outdoors depending on the weather)
  8. Visit the library, read some books, check out the activities they have on and then check out some books and bring them home
  9. Build a fort in your living room, snuggle together and write a story, read some books or take a nap together!
  10. Science experiments at home are fun too! (Goop, Gak, a volcano, home made play dough)
I am hoping to have some one on one time with both of my kids during the break, it's so rare that we have a chance to connect on our own, and they will need some time apart as well.

What type of things do you do with your kids when they aren't in school?


  1. My kids get their break after Easter, so I'm hoping the weather will have warmed up some by then. I'm pretty sure they are going to my parents' house, since I don't get the time off from work. They get lots of play time and a trip to the movies when they're down there.

  2. These sound like so much fun! I love baking with my niece!


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