Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Protect Your Handheld Devices With Phantom Glass

Having an iphone and ipad in the house can be great.  We used the ipad to help with speech therapy for both of the boys, and it also helps with entertainment as well.  However, having the kids using them makes me nervous.

I worry about them dropping them and breaking the glass (although so far, the phone has only been dropped/broken once and it was me that did it - I wish I had known about Phantom Glass at that point!)

Having recently been introduced to Phantom Glass, it makes me a little more confidant.  Phantom Glass is a PTPA Award Winning Product.  It is made using Corning Gorilla Glass, and if broken will not shatter like regular glass.  Not only does it help to protect the glass screen in case of a drop, it's also smudge proof and helps protect against scratches on the screen.
(I was a little over zealous and added the iphone
protector before taking a photo)
When my Phantom Glass products arrived (one for my iphone and one for the ipad) I opened them up and added them to my devices.  They are super easy to apply, and don't bubble like the generic ones I have purchased in the past.

Prior to adding Phantom Glass to my iphone, I had to clean the screen a few times a day because of fingerprints.  I was pleasantly surprised when I realized that it had been 5 days and I still didn't have any fingerprints to clean off my phone!

Phantom Glass is available for many different phone and tablet models, and can be purchased at select retailers across Canada and comes with a lifetime warranty - you can submit the warranty information on the Phantom Glass website.  If you purchase online, the product can be shipped anywhere in North America.

Tales of Mommyhood received the above products in compensation for the post.  All opinions belong to Tales of Mommyhood; your opinion/experience may vary.


  1. You had me at smudge proof. Our iPad is in an OtterBox but the screen protector is FILTHY!

    1. :) it's so nice to have a CLEAR view to the screen!

  2. I don't think my comment went through.

    My son tossed the iPad in a hissy fit last night across my living room, I need this.

    1. OH NO....it's a good thing we love them so much, isn't it?

  3. Ooooh, I need one of these! I just got a Galaxy Tab and yep, I'm a bit worried about the kids dropping it! Thanks for sharing. I should tell my brother about this too... he's always dropping his phones and breaking them!!! (Or maybe I should just get it for him for Christmas... hmmm...:)

  4. I have a brand new Samsung 5 Active and I have to say, I want that glass protected. I'll have to check out website to see if they have one for that phone. Thank for the review.

  5. With 3 kids 4 yrs and under we have to make sure that out electronics are protected. You never know where the iPad will end up


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