Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Christmas Morning Fun With Play-Doh #giftguide

Play-Doh seems to be one of the classic toys that all kids love. Age and sex don't really come into play when there is Play-Doh around.

My boys still love to create with Play-Doh; when I need some time to get something done, Play-Doh is an activity I can pull out and know that they will keep themselves busy AND out of trouble!

Every Christmas we donate a few gifts to families that may not be able to put any gifts under the tree for Christmas morning.  This year, one little boy or girl is going to wake up to find this cool Play-Doh Diggin' Rigs fire truck!  You can use the red Play-Doh to create a fire and the blue Play-Doh to put it out using the hose on Boomer's Truck!

Geared for kids age 3+, it's a great toy to play with on it's own or with other pieces from the Chuck and Friends line.

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The above product was given to Tales of Mommyhood in exchange for this gift guide post.  All opinions belong to ToM; your opinion/experience may vary.


  1. Play-Doh is definitely one of those toys that never goes out of style! All kids love playing with it! (Judy Cowan)

  2. My son has special needs and play-doh has been a huge tool in his occupational therapy program. It is a great medium to work with my son enjoys the texture & squishing it. Love Play-Doh!


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