Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Art Supplies: More than Paint and Crayons

If you are a crafter, your craft cabinet or box is probably full of "stuff". While separating it all out, you could come up with numerous categories, all of them important. Take just one away and you would be unable to complete a project that is important to you or that a customer is waiting for.

Types of Art Projects

Art supplies are used to complete scrapbooks, watercolor paintings, acrylic art, and sculpting. Parents, schools, and daycare centers utilize art supplies when doing projects with children. Photography is an art, and frames are some of photographers required tools. Framing and mounting pictures helps them to win prizes or to sell framed photographs customers hang in homes and offices.

Art Supplies

Take a look at what an art supplies store sells, broken into several categories. There are numerous types of brushes depending on what they are being used for and the fineness of head they require. Paints are available in watercolors, acrylic, and more. Sketch artists use charcoal, pastels, and graphite. Drafters need compasses, rulers, dividers, and T-squares.

A whole section of art supplies considers the needs of framing sketches and paintings such as mats and mat cutters. Adhesives even get their own section, including regular glue, hot glue guns, and spray glue. A store will frequently carry its own brand, knowing all the while that finicky artists often only trust a particular brand name, so they carry those high-quality products too.

Online Shopping and the Choice to Shop in Person

Professional artists frequently know what they need and how to use it. Their art supplies are purchased online so they do not have to interrupt their working day to go shopping in person.

Amateur artists often prefer to visit a store in person and talk to a knowledgeable clerk about art supplies. That store could be the same one an Internet shopper used, but with branches in multiple locations to satisfy the less confident painter or shutterbug. Touching items and seeing them up close while also speaking with an experienced shopkeeper helps the client determine what she needs to make a project come fully to life.

This is the beauty of selling art supplies in person and over the internet: that same business maintains a steady base of existing customers while building new clientele by offering both methods of shopping, even though an online store is always cheaper to run. The real shop is a consideration to clients.

A physical art supplies store is also a place for browsing, which eventually leads to purchasing. To find quality products, browse the Plaza Art supplies online or in store. The items in this store are as thrilling to a consumer to look at as books are to a heavy reader, yet they might not be ready to buy just yet. With patience and great customer service, physical art shops like Plaza Art build trust and create an atmosphere where consumers are willing to spend.

An art supplies store also links individuals to classes touching on different types and aspects of art. If you want to get more deeply involved in your hobby, find out when the next classes in your chosen discipline are taking place.


  1. Good to know of different art ideas and supplies. Very helpful and gave me ideas. Thank you!

  2. Was fun being a child and colouring and painting.


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