Thursday, March 6, 2014

March Break Ideas

Our March Break is happening next week, from March 10-14 (although Friday is a PD day, so it's really starting on March 7th).

We don't really have any plans for the week, but we are hoping to get together with a friend and her son on Friday to see the LEGO movie!

Over the rest of the week, we will bake together (Mr. J loves to decorate cakes, so we will probably make one just so he can decorate it!)

Hoping to get together with my brother and his children, the cousins don't often see each other anymore with being in school (and I don't see my bro often either)

If the weather is nice, we will head to the outdoor rink near us and go skating (I haven't been on skates in 20 years, so that will be interesting)

The boys have been wanting to go to Brinkeetos, but every time we have a chance, someone ends up sick so we will hopefully get a visit in.

Tag Along Toys is having activities daily for kids 3-12 years old, as is Hazeldean Mall so we may make it there one day for an activity as well.

If you are up for crowds, then you can always check out one of the many museums in the area (National Art Gallery, Science and Technology, Museum of Nature, Museum of Civilization)

Depending on the age of your kids, the Parliament Buildings tour may be a great activity, finished up by walking through the Byward Market and getting a BeaverTail!

What are your plans for the break? Will you be staying around home or heading south?

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