Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Sweet Memories of Pregnancy

I have been thinking a lot about my pregnancies over the last few weeks (lots of babies being announced on facebook!).  I remember all the anxieties I had (nervousness around an epidural) and the happiness I felt.

I had so much fun planning the nursery (both times) and shopping for the perfect coming home outfits for my sweet boys.  I enjoyed seeing my little ones on the u/s, although I had more than I would have liked because of pre-eclampsia (they needed to make sure the growth wasn't being affected).

I made lists after lists of different things:

1) Possible names (for boys and girls)
2) Colours for the nursery
3) Questions to ask your doctor about cord blood banking
4) Questions to ask doctor about weight gain and foods

I thought a lot about what I wanted for a birth plan, and for me it came down to not having a plan. My plan was no plan.  I knew going in that I wanted what was best for baby and me. I didn't want to be disappointed afterwards if I ended up needing a c-section (I didn't).  I wanted to try and make it as long as possible without an epidural, but in the end I had pre-eclampsia and it was strongly recommended I get an epi as it can lower BP.

The only thing that I really didn't want to happen that did, was getting induced. With ODS I was induced at 36 weeks because of the pre-e, and with YDS it was at 39w6d - again because of pre-e.  I am really happy with how things ended up (well, asides from ODS needing the NICU, however my health and his were both at jeopardy by continuing with the pregnancy - so it was for the best.)

Even with the inductions, I had a relatively easy, fast labour both times. I worried that it might be too hard on my body, but it all went very smoothly.

Did you have a birth plan? Did it all go according to your plan?


  1. I had the same no-plan plan; go as long as possible without epidural and see what happens. I was also induced, as my son was a BIG baby, but the best advice I got was to refuse to let them break my water right away. I still went 18 hours and ended up with a C-section, but a healthy boy is all that matters in the end! :) #SITSblogging

  2. No birth plan for me! It seems to me that babies do what they want to do. :)

  3. I didn't have a birth plan but I was sure that I wanted an epidural! I am not a fan of pain, and I don't need any badges of natural birthing honor, so I knew up front I was going to get the drugs! I do think it's important to be flexible and do whatever is necessary to ensure a safe birth and healthy baby.:-)

  4. Over 20 years ago, they didn't really call it a birth plan, but I had hoped to have my daughter "natural". After about 12 hours of labor, I changed my mind & wanted an epidural. They told me it was too late. Murder was almost committed. But I did have her naturally. However when her brother was coming, I told them to mark epidural on my chart. I wasn't waiting too long again!

  5. We definitely had a birth plan and the most incredible doula. I was flexible but I wanted to go natural with no inductions. I don't drink and am a lightweight even on the rare occasions I do so I had concerns about dosage. Luckily I went in to labor a few hours after my husband gave his last final of the semester - a few days "early" according to their timetable. I was pretty far along by the time we got to the hospital and labor went smoothly. The anesthesiologist popped in to see if he was needed and my doula just sent him on his way, or so I was told later.

    As long as you do what is right for "your" family no one should judge anyone else's birth plan or what actually transpires. Different strokes for different folks!


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