Wednesday, February 12, 2014

DK Canada Sticker Books

Like most little kids, mine are obsessed with stickers. They love to peel them off and stick them to any surface possible....that includes my walls, baseboards, fridge and even their BEDS! While I am happy they have fun, and peeling stickers is great for fine motor development, I don't really want their batman, lego and vehicle stickers adorning every surface of my home.

DK Canada has a promotion running in their sticker book boutique right now where you buy 2 and receive the 3rd for free.

DK Canada was kind enough to send us 3 books to test out! What I love about the books we received, they have pages and pages of characters (with their names) and then they have the sticker pages. So you have to hunt for the character or item you want, find it and then go back to the page and stick it. Which means that they have an actual place to PUT the stickers, and that saves my walls!  They also come with a ton of extra stickers for them to do with as they like.

They are great activities when you have a long wait (doctors office etc) or even just for filling in some time when they are "bored".

Are your kids into stickers? What is their favourite?

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  1. Oh yes, my son loves the Toy story, Bob the builder and Disney stuff. My 18month old daughter is showing interest too. We are into stars for now. :)
    From your peegnancy post, I never had a pregnancy plan in my first one but the other three times it was followed to the dot. Piercing my baby girls' ears included. :)

    1. thank you so much for stopping by! Disney sure is big in our house!

  2. I like the DK sticker books. Hours of fun for my little guys!


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