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Eczema Relief With POLYSPORIN® Eczema Essentials #EczemaAndMe

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I am a lifelong eczema sufferer. It wasn't a huge surprise to me that both my children ended up with it. There have been times where Mr.K's has been so bad that he has had difficulty sleeping. He is by far the most severe of the 3 of us.

Often times his cheeks are bright red and cracked, they almost look burnt. He also has patches on his torso and bum. His is definitely triggered by detergents, and it took a lot of trial and error to find one that doesn't cause a flare up (even so called "safe" ones)
Eczema, kids with eczema
Mr. K at 6 months old - you can see the redness on his cheeks - this was very mild

I was very happy when I was selected to participate in the Polysporin® Eczema Essentials campaign. We have been able to keep Mr. K's under control for the most part once we got into a good moisturizing routine, but with the winter weather having arrived, I knew we were bound to have a few flare ups to deal with.

Polysporin is a brand that we trust.  Growing up, anytime I had a cut my mom would slather it in Polysporin, or when putting on earings she would coat the post in Polysporin to help prevent irritation and I am happy to use it on my boys as well.

I was really happy when I found out that we were chosen to try out the new line of Polysporin Eczema Essentials.  When the kit first arrived, I checked out the products we received.  It came with a daily body wash, daily moisturizing cream and a hydrocortisone Anti-Itch Cream (for use on anyone over 2).

We don't need the Anti-Itch cream right now (it is to be used sparingly during a flare up), as most of us are under control. I do have a mild flare up on my shoulder at the moment, so I have been using the daily wash and moisturizing cream and within 3 days the patch was gone.  It has now been 2 weeks and I have had no more flare ups. I have been using it for Mr. K as well, and he did not react to it at all. The small patches on his torso and bum have cleared up as well.

In order to keep eczema at bay, we have a skin care routine that we make sure to follow (especially in the winter months with the dry, cold weather). We use luke warm water to bathe Mr. K, and when he gets out of the tub we use a towel to pat him dry (we don't want all the moisture gone). While he is still slightly damp, we slather him up with moisturizer to help lock in the dampness to his skin.  Whenever we notice a flare up, we pay extra attention that those areas - and now we will add in the Anti-Itch cream for spot treatments when necessary.

Do you or any of your family members suffer from eczema? What are some tips you have to help relieve the itchiness and dryness?
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  1. First, he is just gorgeous. It’s really hard to find just the right thing for eczema especially in children. My cousin’s son has suffered with it always, and he is just 5 years old right now. My mom makes a concoction out of African Shea Butter in its natural state and some other oil (I think coconut) which she uses on him. It helps a lot, but he still suffers. I am going to tell her about Polysporin, as she has tried every other over the counter remedy.

    1. aww, thanks! Yes, I was happy with the polysporin - I have found others over the years and then they have either been discontinued or stopped helping

  2. My family also suffer and have never tried Polysporin. Thanks for the tip.

  3. I am going to go look for some tonight. My hands are TERRIBLE at the moment and it hurts just getting them wet! Thank you!!!!

  4. aww how adorable is he! ... We have always used polysporin for burns/cuts etc.. amazing stuff. I had no idea they made some for eczema.. thank you for the heads up!

    1. thanks! I try and remember him at this stage when he is getting himself into trouble now at 3.5

  5. What a cutie! Thanks for the review! I just saw this in the stores the last time we were out shopping. I am going to pick some up to try since we seem to battling some flares this winter. (Judy Cowan)


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