Thursday, January 23, 2014

Another Day, Another Injury

Being the mom to two very active little boys can be nerve racking. They have no fear when it comes to being physical (standing at the top of the stairs and throwing themselves off, hoping to fly; jumping from the arm (or top) of a couch and again, hoping to fly)  We are forever plagued with bumps, bruises and scrapes.

I am very surprised that we have not had to deal with a broken bone yet (and fingers crossed, we never do) but we HAVE dealt with for each of the boys.

Mr. K had his first concussion last winter....he and his brother were on a chair in the kitchen and Mr. J pushed him off (I wasn't a witness, so I can only hope it was accidental - although I suspect it wasn't) and he landed on our tile floor on his head.

He was inconsolable, lethargic and I knew immediately the reason why.  He couldn't keep his head up very well, and he was confused.  I put a call in to our pediatrician's office (he happens to specialize in concussions) and off we went to see him.

Mr. J was lucky, he made it until 6.5 before getting a concussion....we were at the bus stop waiting earlier in the week, and another little boy decided it would be a good idea to throw a chunk of ice at Mr. hit him right above the eye.  The bus came around the corner, the other child got on the bus and Mr. J was in no condition to go to school.  He was hurt, crying and upset (which is completely understandable)

head injury, concussion in kids

He managed to walk home, and when I took off his hat he had a large welt right above his brow bone. He calmed down, was much more himself but I was worried about swelling so decided to keep him home.  When I got off the phone from the school, he was no longer upset and seemed much more his usual self - or so I thought. 30 minutes later he tells me has a headache and then proceeded to vomit everywhere....

I got him some water and made sure he was ok and then we headed to the pediatrician's office.  The verdict - very mild concussion for Mr. J, no sports or school for 5 days. He was so upset to miss his skating lesson that night, and soccer practice on the weekend. Friday happened to be a PA day, so he only ended up missing 2 days of school.

I had a mild concussion a few years ago, symptoms only lasted a few hours but it is NOT a nice feeling at all. Have you had a concussion before?

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