Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Charities Close to Our Hearts

Everyone has charities that are close to their heart for whatever reason. For me, I have 3. CHEO (our local children's hospital - they saved Mr. J's life at 1 day old, and he spent 10 days in their NICU) Ottawa Heart Institue - my mother was born with Aortic Stenosis and had her Aortic valve replaced 12 years ago and the Canadian Cancer Society.

My bloggy friend, Deanna, at Maple Leaf Mommy has decided to raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society.  How is she doing it? By chopping off her beautiful, long locks.  For every $100.00 raised, she will cut off 1 inch of hair. Her goal is 25 inches.  Yes, you did read that correctly. Her hair IS long enough to chop off 25 inches.

Check out her Cut For Cancer HAIRity Fundraiser, #PonyitUp with Pantene post.  Can you help her reach her goal?

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