Monday, December 23, 2013

Santa Visit 2013

2013 Santa visit at Hazeldean Mall - Ky was
 a little nervous, but no tears
Every year since Mr. J was born, we have done the traditional mall Santa visit.  Some years we have gone to Bayshore, other years to Carlingwood and this year to our local mall.  When we have gone, it has never really been busy - the max wait was 10 minutes (and that was when Mr. J was young and in a stroller) otherwise it has been super quick. (one of the nice things about being a SAHM, we can get there during off peak hours and not worry!)

This year with Mr. J being in full day school we didn't get there early on after Santa arrived like we normally do.  We ended up going on Friday morning, which happened to be a PD day across Ontario.  Mr. K had nursery school until 11:15, which also meant we couldn't be there right away (Santa was there from 11-1PM, or 3-5PM)  We arrived around 11:30, and there was quite the line up (although nothing compared to the mall that was offering FREE Santa photo's on Mondays)

Mr. K was running all over the place, trying to jump into the water features and really not listening at all. So, I got out of line and took the boys for a chat. While we were sitting down, talking about listening and what not, I spotted a shopping cart. Mr. J grabbed it for me, and I sat Mr. K in it - the deal to go back to see Santa was that he needed to sit in the cart until we were at the front of the line.  This experience really made me realize how much easier it is for 2 adults - one to walk around with the kids, and the other to stay in line.

Of course, we get back to the line and there were 8 more people in front of us now - so we had to wait another 25 minutes before getting to the front.  It was totally worth it though, the boys were thrilled that they got to see Santa, get their picture taken and get a Candy Cane.

Here are pictures from 2012 and 2011(the only year I have had a crying child/santa photo)

2012 at Carlingwood mall - not the greatest "santa look"
but he was great with the kids

2011 at Bayshore - my favorite Santa of all - we had him 3 years!

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