Friday, November 8, 2013

#WIN Ottawa Senators Tickets #giveaway

I am so excited to pair up with some great Ottawa blogs for this awesome giveaway! One lucky reader is going to win a family pack of tickets to see the Ottawa Senators play the Minnesota Wild at the Canadian Tire Center on November 20, 2013!! To find out how you can win, keep reading to learn about Broker4Tickets.


Broker4Tickets, located in Kanata (Ottawa), Ontario, "was started by sport enthusiasts tired of seeing season tickets go unused when there are fans willing to pay for these premium tickets".

Ticket resale markets for sports events can be very unpredictable. Just ask Canadian sports fans. Many have found this out the hard way, at best, by paying ridiculously jacked up prices for tickets to see their favourite team play live or, at worst, by being "taken" by a ticket sales scam. With Broker4Tickets, you don't need to worry about "sketchy" ticket sales.

Nothing used to get me more irritated then when I would attend a live hockey game (or other sporting event) only to see dozens of seats sitting empty in some of the most desirable sections. Where were those ticket options when I was looking to purchase my tickets? Why was I now stuck up near the rafters of the hockey arena, when I could have been down close to the boards? The answer? Those seats were already purchased by seasons ticket holders who just didn't show up for that's night game, for whatever the reason. What a waste of a prime seat! Thanks to Broker4Tickets, those prime unused seats can now be filled! Not only does Broker4Tickets keep seasons ticket holders and Suite owners happy by putting some cash back into their pockets, Broker4Tickets makes fans happy by being able to offer up some of those pretty fantastic seats to a must-see hockey game.


Broker4Tickets is THE place to buy some of the best tickets available to see the Ottawa Senators in action! Season ticket holders, and Suite owners, who can't attend a game or fill their suite, can sell their tickets to Broker4Tickets, who then turn around and offer them to you at a fair price. What a concept! A service that keeps sports fans happy from start to finish! No Service Fees. Premium Seats. Guaranteed Tickets.

"Broker4Tickets was created to maximize use and value for season ticket holders while guaranteeing premium tickets to SMART fans at fair prices with no service fees".

When you purchase tickets from Broker4Tickets, they email your tickets right to your inbox, meaning that you can purchase right up until game time, and not have to worry about picking up tickets. Broker4Tickets keeps things easy! If you would rather have hard copies of your tickets, no worries, your hard copy tickets can be available for pick up if requested.

Not a Sens fan? (shhh...I won't tell anyone...your secret is safe with me) Don't despair! Broker4Tickets is just in their inaugural season. For now, Broker4Tickets is concentrating on the NHL's Ottawa Senators, but stay tuned. Broker4Tickets has their eyes on expansion! Future plans include being able to offer you, the fans, prime seats to other NHL, NBA, MLB and NFL games.

So get off that couch, sports fans, and check out Broker4Tickets. Show some support for your Ottawa Senators, and get yourselves to a live game at Canadian Tire Centre!

I have some terrific news!! Canadian Blog House is teaming up with some of my favourite fellow Canadian Bloggers to bring you a fantastic giveaway sponsored by the great folks at Broker4Tickets. My NBL Team (National Blogger Lineup) includes the fabulous Coffee With Julie, the amazing Ottawa Mommy Club, the wonderful Journeys Of The Zoo, the awesome Shannon's View From Here, the fantastic Tales Of Mommyhood , AND the only man on the team, the irreplaceable Puzzling Posts Dad.

One of our lucky readers can WIN a 4 pack of Level 100 tickets to the Ottawa Senators vs. Minnesota Wild game at the Canadian Tire Centre on November 20, 2013!!



This giveaway has ended - Looking for more giveaways to enter? Check out Tales of Mommyhood's giveaway linky


  1. I have seen about a handful of games. When we lived in BC we would go see Sens vs. Canucks and I saw Sens vs. Habs in Ottawa once

  2. I would love to take my little guy to his first hockey game with these tickets!

  3. Would be a great night out with the fam!

  4. We've been to a few games, but not with the kiddo. Would be SOO fun!

  5. We've never taken our little one to a game; I think he'd have a terrific time!

  6. I've been to quite a few games. I haven't seen the Wild before though. I think my favorite games would have to be the ones against the Boston Bruins.

  7. I would love to take my mom and dad to a game - mom has never been!


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