Tuesday, September 27, 2016

2016 Gift Guide Open For Submissions

I know, I know - it's only September, and way too early to be thinking about Christmas and gifts. However, there is a lot of work that goes into the gift guide, and I need to get prepared early.

I am now ready to accept submissions for this years gift guide. If you have a product or service you would like to see featured, then please send me an email with "2016 Gift Guide" in the subject.

There are a few ways to be featured during the upcoming holiday season with featured posts, side bar ads and more.

I look forward to working with some great brands again this year.

Monday, September 26, 2016

September 26th Monday Madness Giveaway Linky

This weekend Mr. K had a sleepover with his grandparents, so we only had Mr. J at home (he went for a sleepover last weekend). I always love to have that 1:1 time with the kids (or 2:1 when hubby is home - he worked all day Saturday, so was only home in the evening).  I think it's important for the kids to have alone time with us - and it's also nice for them to have time alone with their grandparents.

Today is hubby's birthday.  We don't go all out for each others birthdays in terms of celebrating, normally just a card, gift and of course cake! We do love our cake so that can't be forgotten.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Mommy Time Out....With Fudge

Today was a day when I needed to take 5. I had to catch my breath, and let myself calm down.  Mr. J has trouble with homework.  He really dislikes it, and so he lets that get to him and decides he can't do it.

He CAN do it. There isn't even all that much, and it is assigned on Tuesday night to come back on Monday.  He has 6 full nights to work on it. Honestly though, if he sat down and focused, he could have the entire assignment done in less than 20 minutes.  The amount of work assigned is very doable, he just doesn't want to do it.

This has been an ongoing battle since he started Grade 1. Every year, it ends up with the same fights and the same level of frustration from both of us.

Today, we took a break and went to Toys R Us. He had a gift card from his birthday, and he wanted to buy a board game.  When we were done there, we went to Cabelas (it opened last week) to buy his dad a birthday present and get some fudge.

Once we arrived home, he had his back up AGAIN because he had to finish his homework....I decided to take a 5 minutes fudge break.  I savoured that piece of fudge and let myself forget all about the homework woes.....until the 5 minutes was up.

He eventually finished and then I kicked the kids outside to play.  Nothing like some fresh air and playtime before bed :)

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Beautiful Fall Days

Today was an absolutely beautiful fall day.  The air was crisp and fresh, and it was perfect sweater weather.  Whenever the autumn hits, I get into a home made soup mood.  I like chicken soup, hamburger soup, minestrone and potato leek soup.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Apple Picking - Favourite Family Activity

I have to admit that while back to school time is hard for me, September is actually one of my favourite months.  Not only is it my birthday (yay for birthdays) but it's APPLE PICKING season. One of my absolute favourite things to do with hubby and the kids is go apple picking.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Bedtime Conversations With A 6 Year Old

Mr. K - my special little guy

Tonight was program night at the kids school. It's a night for the teachers to let the parents know what is going to happen in the classroom and a bit of a look ahead for the year.  The kids always stay home with hubby, and I go to program night - since I am the one that generally deals with school stuff and teacher meetings etc.

I got home after Mr. K's bedtime, but he was still awake so I went in to read him a story and have a bedtime chat.  As I was getting ready to leave, he wanted an extra cuddle.  I gave it to him and a kiss, and told him I always come back to say goodnight before I go to bed, even though he is asleep.

He looked at me very seriously and said "not when your dead". I said no, but I hoped that would not be for a long while and that even when I do die, I will be an angel watching over him, just like Papa Rick watches over all of us.

He told me it was going to happen soon. Sooner than I think, apparently.  I asked how he knew, if he had conversations with God.  He said yes, and that God told him I was going to die soon.....

I am not quite sure what to make of that. It reminded me of something my mom told me happened when I was little.  We were heading on a trip to Toronto, and as we were driving I told her she was going to meet God later that day.  I am happy to say, that did not happen and she is still alive and well 30+ years later.

Hopefully Mr. K is wrong and I still have many years left on this earth.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

When Things Don't Go As Planned

Today was a day I had set aside for writing. I had an errand in the morning, and a quick appointment for my mother, but then I was coming home to write. I have a bunch of posts in my draft folder that I wanted to work on.

That changed, however, when Mr. J woke up with an upset tummy at 1am. He was up, uncomfortable and in pain, until 230 when he finally managed to go back to bed.

I didn't want to send him to school in case it was a bug upsetting his tummy, even though he seemed ok this morning, so I kept him with me.  I have no trouble keeping my kids home when they are sick. They tend to sleep most of the time, and while they want me to cuddle with them, my laptop allows me to work anywhere.

In this type of situation, where they aren't REALLY sick, I find it hard. Normally we will play board games, or watch a movie or build lego - but that leaves me not able to get my stuff done.

Today was one of those days, and while he wasn't SICK, he is still struggling with the emotional adjustment of back to school, and that made for some minor episodes/outbursts today.

All of my plans for today are now moved to tomorrow....