Friday, July 3, 2015

Does Your Partner Keep You Awake At Night?

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Does the picture above seem familiar to you? One person exhausted but unable to sleep as a result of their partner's incessant snoring.  It may surprise you to find out that 1 in 4 North American couples sleep in separate bedrooms - often due to one partners snoring.  Snoring can be extremely annoying to your spouse by keeping them from falling asleep or waking them up during the night.  While it may seem harmless, snoring could be caused by an underlying health issue - 76% of people that snore are affected by Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea actually causes you to stop breathing (often for 10-30 seconds per episode) until the brain reacts to the problem - and you end up gasping for breath.  OSA can leave you (and your loved ones) feeling tired and irritable, and you may even notice you are falling asleep during the day.
You can learn more about OSA on the RANA website, and they even have a quiz you can take.  If you or your loved one is a heavy snorer, then you should consider mentioning it to your physician and see about being tested. It may help you and your family get more sleep, AND get your health on the right track.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Just Like That, My Brother Is Married

My brother and his wife have been together for 15 years.  They have 5 children, and as of Friday evening, they are now married.  When my brother first told me that he had proposed, I was thrilled.  I love weddings, and couldn't wait to watch the 2 of them say their vows to each other.

My brother and his guys got ready at my mothers place; a photographer came to the house to take some pictures of them.  It was such a change to see how calm and quiet things are compared to the bride getting ready where there is so much going on (hair, make-up etc).

I managed to sneak a photo in with him before they left for the ceremony

brother and sister before wedding, brother getting married

Before the photographer left, she offered to take a picture of hubby and I (which is rare for the two of us, so of course I said yes)

sister of the groom, speech, wedding speech, wedding toast
photo credit: Tracie Lessard

The ceremony took place by the water, and the back drop was beautiful.  My sister-in-law looked absolutely stunning, and the reception.....what a GREAT party.  I had an absolutely amazing time with all my family (my dads side is not local, and it was lovely to see so many of them).  My moms side I see regularly, and we always have a great time (doesn't matter where we are).

carleton place canoe club, wedding, marriage

I knew that I wanted to say a few words at the reception, but I wasn't sure how I could do it without being super emotional.  I sat down at my computer one day and the words just flowed out.  I was really happy with what I had come up with, and I *think* my brother was as well.

"Good evening everyone. For those of you that don’t know me, I am Wes’ sister. I could tell you that my name is Ashley, but for most of my life, especially high school, it seemed I didn’t have a name and was known as his sister….so let’s just go with that for tonight. 
You may know that we are fairly close as siblings now, and it might surprise you to know that it hasn’t always been this way. In fact, when we were young we really didn’t get along at all.

In typical big brother fashion, Wes felt that he should have special privileges since he was the oldest. These privileges included having control of the TV remote, choosing which video games to play, and even getting to be first player in whatever game he chose. Being the younger sibling, it also meant that I put up with a lot of teasing from him and jokes played on me. 
There were nights where we were left home alone and he would convince me that someone had broken in. The first time he did this, he convinced me that it was a good idea to search for the burglar in the house – with a knife from the kitchen. After coming up empty in the basement and main floor, he led me up to my parents bedroom. He got on the bed, and told me that on the count of 3 I should lift up the comforter – while I am standing on the floor. He counts to 3, I lift up the comforter and he drops his hand down with the knife while laughing hysterically…..why was it so funny you may ask? My parents had a water bed….there is no way someone could hide UNDER their bed. 
There were also numerous occasions where I would bake pretzels (a double or triple batch) only to wake up the next morning, go to grab one for breakfast but they would all be gone (thanks to him, or matt…or brandon….or mike) 
I can look back at many of these instances with a smile now; and I should add that not all the times when we were young were bad. Wes was biking with me to a friends house (mom made him come with me) and my bike tire caught the gravel and I fell. I scraped up my knees, elbows and hands pretty badly and couldn’t (or more likely I just wouldn’t) get up. He biked home on his bike using one hand, while holding my bike with the other hand to get mom to come and help. Then there was the time I murdered my pet goldfish and he was quite helpful in the moment….until the teasing started after my “grieving period”. 
As teenagers, we often fought more than ever, but I must admit having an older brother had it’s advantages…there was never a shortage of cute guys in the house, and of course I felt special when they would acknowledge me and were always super nice since I was “wes’ sister”. Then there was the time when mom blamed him for smoking in the house while we were in high school, he didn’t tell her it was actually me and she only found out the truth many years after the fact (well, I only found out about it at the same time….I had no idea she had blamed him.) We also had many fun times at the casino, starting on my 18th birthday when we both signed out of school to go

Wes, we have been through a lot together – some good times, and some not so good times. But we have always had each other’s backs – no matter what. I love you, and am so happy to be here with you on this day. 
Tash, I wish you luck as you continue on this path with my brother and am glad to have you in my life. I came across an Irish Blessing online and thought it fitting for today. So, Wes and Tash, this is my toast to you as you start your marriage: 
May your mornings bring joy and your evenings bring peace;
May your troubles grow few as your blessings increase.
May your hands be forever clasped in friendship, and your hearts joined forever in love "
My poor mother injured her knee a few weeks ago and was on crutches. She managed to walk down the "aisle" with my brother not using them, but she needed them for most of the evening.  She stood on the dance floor while we danced, kind of shaking her upper body (this was really hard on her - as she LOVES to dance) and at one point one of our "family" songs came on (American Pie) but she just couldn't get up to join us.  My cousin and I dragged her chair over to the dance floor (with her on it) and another cousin held the back and moved the chair for her so she felt like she was joining in!

I have heard from other people about photo booth's that can be set up at weddings and events, but never experienced one before....oh, my goodness - was it EVER fun!  I was in a few with groups, but here are the shots from hubby and I

I can't say enough how awesome the party was.  What a great way to celebrate their relationship. Congratulations Wes and Tash (again) and all the best as you start this new chapter in your life!

Monday, June 29, 2015

June 28th Monday Madness Giveaway Linky

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Happy Monday! Summer vacation is officially here.  Friday night we attended my brothers wedding (the kids got to have a sleepover with their grandparents). Hubby is off work this week and we are excited to spend some time together having fun.

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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Last Day of School

Today is the last day of school for my kids.  One was up early, and one slept a little later than normal. At one point they both wanted to stay home, but then I reminded them it was "step-up" day and that got them excited.  Step-up day is when they get to learn which teacher they will have next year, then they go visit the classroom they will be in and see what other children are in their class.  It's a great way to end the school year (and eases a little of the anxiety that can come with a new school year also).

When the bus came I took their picture to make a comparison with first day of school, and then they were off.

I have mixed emotions about summer.  Normally I can't wait to have them both at home with me all summer, although this year I am a little nervous as well.  There aren't many kids Mr. J's age around, and most of his friends seem to be in daycare still - which means there are only younger kids to play with.

I fear it may be a LONG summer with a LOT of fighting between the boys. That worries me.  I am so glad that they will be home, and hubby is off next week so we have lots of family time...but then it's just me and them.

I do have our bucket list ready to go with things to do, and I also know that while I may get frustrated and ready to pull out my hair - I will NOT be glad to be rid of them come school starting in the fall.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Curious George 3: Back To The Jungle {review}

Curious George 3 will be available for home purchase on June 23rd.  It's the third full length film in the series, and follows George on yet another adventure.  I wasn't sure how the kids were going to feel about it (we all love the original film, but weren't too fond of the 2nd release) but wanted to give it a chance.

Father's Day was a beautiful, hot day.  We spent 3-4 hours outside playing and then we were all ready for some cool down time.  We made our way into the house and cuddled up together to watch the curious little monkey.

Mr. K and I really enjoyed it - and I would definitely recommend it for young kids.  Mr. J did lose interest towards the end, so I would probably say it's best for the 6 and under crowd.  Both the kids loved seeing the jungle animals - and were reminded of the safari we took at Disney!

You can download some activity sheets to print out for your kids and check out the clip below!

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Monday, June 22, 2015

June 22nd Monday Madness Giveaway Linky

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Happy Monday! Hard to believe it is the last week of school for my kids.  Last week was busy at the school for me (volunteering in each of their classes).  If you haven't read my latest post about an important change I missed with Mr. K - you should.  You may have missed the same thing with your children.

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Friday, June 19, 2015

If I Missed This Important Change In My Son, You May Miss It Too

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I have always been a mom who takes her kid to the doctor for regular check-ups. To the dentist, starting at 2 to make sure teeth were coming in as they should, and also to an Optometrist to have his vision checked, also starting at age 2.

When Mr. K went for his 3rd visit to the Optometrist, we discovered his prescription was +4.50 – that is pretty high for a 4 year old – and had we not scheduled this routine visit, we would not have known. He did not complain of headaches, he didn’t squint or hold things super close to his face. He gave us absolutely no indication that he was having any trouble seeing. I was shocked with the drastic change, and learned that kid’s eyes grow and change quite quickly when they are young, which is an important reason to have their eyes examined annually.