Sunday, May 1, 2016

Grass Stains Make Me Happy

Grass stains make me happy.  It may seem like an odd statement to make, but it's true.  When my kids are outside playing soccer, climbing trees, riding bikes and skateboards or making up games about sharks - I love to see it.  Those all come with tumbles and rolls on the grass, but it's part of childhood.

I am so happy that they have the freedom to roam around outside exploring the environment they live in.  They have grass to play on, paths and trees to explore. Friends to find and lots of fun to be had.

It is wonderful.

When my kids come inside filthy and full of grass stains, I am so happy that they get to experience this wonderful part of childhood. Even if it means more laundry work for me,  it makes my heart swell.

So, yep - grass stains make me happy.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Easy To Make Lego Table

Like many children, both of my boys are pretty obsessed with LEGO.  They have been playing with it for a few years, and it was starting to take over.  We had pieces in their bedrooms, family room and living room.  Sets put together in their rooms, and on the floor in front of our fireplace (not to worry, we never use it - no chance of LEGO melting).

We realized we needed to do something as LEGO was quickly taking over our house.  Hubby went to IKEA and bought 2 Trofast storage systems as well as bins to go with them.  He then picked up a sheet of MDF at home depot.  Once they decided how big to build the table, hubby positioned the storage units and cut the MDF to fit on top of them.  It's quite a long table, so there is a unit on either end of the table for stability.

After it was put together, Mr. J got to work adding his pieces to the table to build his city. The bins hold his extra lego pieces and fit perfectly in the Trofast units.  Underneath there is a small "tunnel" that he can crawl through to get to the back, or to access the storage bins.

And here it is!  What his city looks like now. He adds to it and changes things around whenever the mood strikes!

Friday, April 22, 2016

Mr. Peanut Now Available In Peanut Butter

Are you a fan of peanut butter? If so, you will want to check out the new Planters Peanut Butter!  For over 100 years, Canadian families have been snacking on planters peanuts, welcoming Mr. Peanut into their homes.  Now, you can try the all new Planters Peanut Butter!

Planters Peanut Butter is available in crunchy and smooth.  I had the chance to try out the Smooth and it's quite tasty.  It made a great addition to the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip cookies that I made with Mr. K a few weeks ago.

The kids have been enjoying it on toast, in sandwiches and of course, the cookies too.  I was really happy I was alone when the jars arrived, as I like to be the first one into the peanut butter.....directly off the knife (shh, I know that's not a great idea)

If you are interested in trying it out, check out your local grocery store!  To stay up to date Mr. Peanuts adventures, be sure to follow along with his social channels: Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Tales of Mommyhood received the above product in exchange for this post.  All opinions are honest and belong to ToM.  Your opinion/experience may vary

Monday, April 18, 2016

Weekend Recap April 18th

This past weekend was absolutely beautiful.  We were so fortunate to have some sunshine and warm weather.  There was no school on Friday, the kids played outside for the majority of the day. The morning in my moms backyard and the late afternoon/early evening in our backyard.

Saturday I threw a baby shower and the kids spent the afternoon outside playing soccer and changing the play structure around with their dad.

Sunday was probably the nicest day of the weekend.  Mr. J spent the day with his grandpa, and Mr. K and I spent most of it outside.  We practiced passing the basketball around, and then went to the backyard where he played soccer for a while.  At one point a family was out for a bike ride (we back onto a bike path) and they stopped a little way down from our house where there is a bench, and then the son came over and asked if he could play soccer with Mr. K.  They played together for 20 minutes or so until he had to go.

Mr. K and I walked over to the park, and he was lucky to run into a friend from school.  After about 20 minutes, we decided that we would walk to the corner store to get Frosters.  On our way home we ran into another friend from school and chatted with his family for a bit.  When we got home, I checked the health app on my phone and we had over 6000 steps in - it was only 130pm.

We stayed in for a little bit and then went back outside while hubby bbq'd dinner.

After I put the kids to bed, I realized that I had my very first sunburn of the season (well, hopefully my ONLY sunburn of the season). A great reminder I need to stock up on sunscreen.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Friday, April 15, 2016

Pedalheads Summer Camp In Kanata and a #Giveaway

When Mr. J was a few weeks shy of 6, I took him to the backyard with his brand new bike, no training wheels, and he was off. I held onto him for about 5 seconds, running along and then let go. He didn't look back and he didn't fall. That was all there was to it for him, and he LOVED the freedom.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Spring Cake Raffle Day

My favourite school day of the year is the Spring cake raffle.  Families donate baked (or store bought) goodies and/or spring items and then raffle tickets are sold.  The classes come by and look to see what is available and then "bid" on items with their raffle tickets.  At the end of the day, winners are pulled and goodies are delivered to the lucky kids.

Last year I put together a round up of great ideas.  I let the kids choose what they wanted, but they went with their own ideas.

Mr. K wanted a minecraft creeper cake, and Mr. J wanted a purple minion (pictured below)
some of the great donations this year

There were some GREAT cakes donated again this year - I always love to see the creativity that goes into them, and of course seeing the excitement when the kids come to check out the goodies is fun too!

Mr. K won a package of cupcakes this year, and Mr. J's 4 year winning streak came to an end.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Weekend Recap

This weekend started off with me having to go to my mothers house to change a bandage....she sliced open her shin on Thursday night and ended up with stitches.  Mr. K joined me and he had a nice little visit with his Gramz.  When we got home, I found hubby and Mr. J watching a movie...but then I noticed a bag of ice on Mr. J's head.  Apparently while he was outside playing basketball, he tripped on the ball and hit his head on the driveway.

Waking up Saturday morning, Mr. J had a headache and wasn't quite himself. I made an appointment with the on-call doctor to have him checked out.  I worked on the cakes for the school cake raffle and then took him to get checked - the doctor said he was fine and just to keep icing the bump and advil for the headache..... he spent some time at his grandparents in the afternoon, and I did laundry :)

Sunday Mr. K and I did groceries together and then cleaned his room.  I took the kids for a long walk in the afternoon (it was a beautiful day) and then they played on the computer/ipad for a bit before dinner.