Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Bundled Up Boys With Baffin Boots

Mr. K throwing a snowball at his brother

My boys love to spend time outside. It doesn't matter to them what the temperature is, -40 or +40 and they will be asking me to go outside and play.  I LOVE this about them. They have such diverse interests like climbing trees, playing video games, inventing games with their imagination, and in the winter climbing snow banks and having snowball fights.

Living in Ottawa, our winter temperatures can vary, and it could be -40 with windchill one day, and -5 no wind the next.  We need to be prepared for it all, and the cold doesn't stop our lives from continuing.  I was introduced to Baffin Boots 2 years ago, and I fell in love with them.  It was the first winter I played outside with the kids without having cold feet.

Both the boys needed new boots this year so I decided to check out Baffin's kids line. I love that they have boots with coverage to -60.  Mr. K's boots are good to temperature levels of -40, and Mr. J's to -60.
Mr. K loves the flames on the side of the boots
His boots are the Flame Jrs and have the fastener to tighten the straps, which I find works well for the little ones. It's super quick to get them tightened.

We are having fairly mild temperatures, and only one day of snow (with a very little amount) that they haven't had a good chance to test them out.  Mr. K wore his to school the day we had our first (and only) snowfall.

Mr. J received the Young Eiger in black.  He hasn't worn his yet, and he refuses to let me take a picture while trying them on.  One of the things I really like about his boots is that the white strips on them are reflective (which you can see in the photo below)

These boots have velcro straps across the front, and a fastener at the top to tighten the gap.  They are a little bulkier than the boots that he is used to wearing, so that is something to keep in mind. They are super warm however, and great for playing outside.

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Monday, November 30, 2015

November 30th Monday Madness Giveaway Linky

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Happy Monday everyone! I hope you had a great weekend.  We spent time this weekend getting our house ready for Christmas!  Our tree is up, decorations are placed and the outside lights have been turned on!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Turning "Me" Into "We" This Christmas #MoreSurprises

Christmas time is approaching and minds are starting to race with gift ideas for those special people on our shopping lists.  As the holiday season approaches, my mind also goes to ways that we can help others. Donating toys to a toy drive, adding non-perishables to the food bin in the grocery store, making Christmas cards for seniors, and this year, buying gifts for my family and knowing that purchase is also going to help someone overseas.
"Warm hearts are giving hearts, give with all your heart."
Back pack, mittens, infinity scarf, socks, passport holder, adult beanie and toiletry bag 

The Staples Canada "Me To We" program is filled with gift ideas that can be purchased - warm mittens, back packs, school supplies, passport holders, magnets, water bottles and many more useful, everyday items.  When you purchase any of these products, life changing gifts are given to a child overseas.  The gift given depends on the gift purchased.  Each product has a tag attached that tells you (and your gift recipient) what gift was given to a child overseas.

Gifts available for purchase have a wide range of prices from $1.50 up to $49.98; gifts given to children overseas range from clean water, food, trees planted and even medicine for a sick child. Each purchase has a code that allows you to track your impact.  Go to the track your impact website, input the code and you will see how you are helping!

We are so fortunate to live in a country where we have access to clean water at our fingertips, warm clothes and healthy food. This year, while making your Christmas shopping list why not add some of these useful gifts, and feel good knowing that your purchase is helping a child in need.

Tales of Mommyhood received the products shown above in exchange for this post.  My family will be donating these to help people in our community that are in need.  A small way for us to help those around us this Christmas.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Have an XL Christmas With HASBRO and Jenga XL

Our family loves to play games. Board games, card games, video games - we like them all.  Mr. J played Jenga for the first time when he was 6, and it was a game that he really enjoyed.  When I saw that there was a new Jenga game out - Jenga XL, I knew it was a must have for our family.

Like traditional Jenga, you take blocks and build a tower, and then you need to remove pieces and build higher without knocking the structure down.  
Jenga XL, Christmas gift guide, 2015 gift guide, gift ideas, family gift, games

The twist on XL is that the blocks are extra large (XL).  

This gives you a much larger tower to play with, and much bigger topples!  

  • a lot of fun
  • blocks are cardboard and need to be folded together (be careful doing this, if they get bent, they won't build as securely)
  • have a bin or large bag to store blocks in so that you don't have to unfold and refold each time
  • if you are using a carpeted floor, a board underneath will help to keep the tower sturdy
Jenga XL makes our list for top holiday gifts! If you are looking for something to gift to a family, this is a great choice!

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Monday, November 23, 2015

November 23 Monday Madness Giveaway Linky

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Happy Monday everyone! I hope you had a great weekend.  My hubby and Mr. J attended the Ottawa RedBlacks game yesterday and got to witness the win that got them to the 2015 Grey Cup! 

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Kellogg's Treats For Toys #TreatsForToys

It's no secret that I love to bake, and both my boys enjoy helping me in the kitchen.  Rice Krispies treats are one of our favourite things to make together.  My latest Kellogger package arrived this week, and it was filled with goodies for making Toy Treats! Yes, you read that right TOY treats.  In the package were all that was needed to make Rice Krispies treats, along with instructions and decorations to turn them into toys (hard to tell the kids not to play with their food when they make it into a toy!)

Back again this year is the Kellogg's #TreatsForToys program.  For each Rice Krispies treat toy that is made, photographed and uploaded to social media with hashtag #TreatsForToys, Kellogg's will donate $20 to the Salvation Army toy drive (up to $30,000)

What a great way for you to help spread some Christmas cheer - baking with your kids!  Quality time together and a gift for a child in need - how awesome is that?

Mr. J wanted to make a dinosaur, and Mr. K ended up making a puzzle - he used cookie cutters to cut shapes and then stuck them together like a puzzle.  We had a lot of fun together creating.

Kellogg's wants YOU to participate in the #TreatsForToys program and is giving you the chance to WIN a prize pack like the one I received.  It will contain Rice Krispies cereal, marshmallows and some candy to decorate the treats with.

Sound good to you? Just use the form below for your chance to win. This is open to Canadian Residents that are 18+ and ends on December 6th 2015 at 1159pm EST

As a Kellogger, Tales of Mommyhood receives packages a few times a year in exchange for these posts/giveaways.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Not Very Merry Pout-Pout Fish {giveaway}

I love the Christmas season.  The Christmas movies on tv, songs on the radio, decorations etc.  I am not sure what appeals to me so much about it, but it is a time I look forward to every year.  We are trying to teach our children that it is not about the gifts that are under the tree. But celebrating with family and remembering Christ.  Of course, being young they want the biggest and best, but it doesn't always happen.

"Holiday sequel to The New York Times bestselling Pout-Pout Fish series reminds young readers what being merry is all about
The grumpiest fish in children’s literature is back with another case of “the dreary wearies.” This time, Mr. Fish, star of The New York Times bestselling Pout-Pout Fish series, is down in the dumps over holiday shopping. With a message for readers of all ages, The Not Very Merry Pout-Pout Fish (Farrar, Straus, & Giroux Books | Macmillan Children's Publishing Group, Ages 2-6) finds Mr. Fish so consumed with finding that perfect gift for each of his friends that he forgets the true meaning of the holidays.
 When Mr. Fish—with his signature Pout-Pout Fish frown—comes up empty-handed, Miss Shimmer intervenes with a plan to make homemade gifts. He soon learns that it’s not about busting the budget or gifting the season’s hottest item, but giving from the heart. Together they experience the joy that comes from giving and sharing—the merriest gifts of all."
The author and illustrator are both on tour right now, you can check the list below to see if they will be near you:

Book Tour Schedule
Author Deborah Diesen
November 14, 3pm - Square Books, Oxford, MS
November 16, 3:30pm - Country Bookshop, Southern Pines, NC
November 18, 4pm - Vero Beach Book Center, Vero Beach, FL
November 19, 7pm - Little Shop of Stories, Decatur, GA
November 20, 4pm - Octavia Books, New Orleans, LA
Illustrator Dan Hanna
November 15, 11am - WORD Books, Jersey City, NJ
November 16, 4pm - Carmichael’s Bookstore, Louisville, KY
November 17, 4:30pm - Towne Book Center & Cafe, Collegeville, PA
November 18, 4:30pm - Cover to Cover, Columbus, OH
November 19, 4:30pm - Lake Forest Books, Lake Forest, IL
November 21, 12pm - Anderson’s Book Shop, Naperville, IL
November 21, 2pm - Anderson’s Book Shop, La Grange, IL
Learn more at www.poutpoutfish.com.

Interested in a copy for yourself? You can buy it on Amazon.ca or Amazon.com - or, you can enter to win a copy right here!  Use the form below to enter!  This is open to residents of Canada and the United States. Giveaway ends at 1159pm EST November 23rd.  Winner will have 24 hours to respond or will forfeit.

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Plus a bit of bling-zing,
So I’ll shop till I drop
For each just-right thing.”