Saturday, November 30, 2013

Snow Day

It happened this week - we had our first "real" snowfall of the season.  The snow started Tuesday evening and continue until Wednesday afternoon.  The kids were ecstatic to wake up Wednesday morning to 20cm of snow - yep, that's a lot of snow to play in.

The view from my living room

I was fairly certain the buses would be cancelled, and at 615 found out I was correct - no bus, means no school for my kids. I know there are many varying opinions on this - some feel that parents should get their kids to school anyways. Yes, I am home and we could have walked or driven to school. But we didn't. There are a few reasons why.  Growing up, my mom always figured that if the roads were bad enough for the buses to be cancelled, then we shouldn't be walking to school.  Also, if I get them to school in the morning, I have to get them FROM school in the afternoon, and not knowing what condition the roads will be in at that point doesn't really thrill me. Thirdly, I do think that kids need to have time off to do "kid things" that don`t involve class room learning.

The boys were up ridiculously early on Wednesday, and had their faces glued to the window practically begging to go play (at 5am, it was still dark thank you). I told them we would get ready to go out at 830.  By 845 we were all dressed in our winter gear (mama included) and heading out the door.

We started shoveling, but then a very kind neighbour offered to do our driveway with his snow blower - it was a welcomed offer!

We spent a good part of the morning outside playing and then came in to warm up.  Mr. K had a nap, Mr. J played video games (which is something that is reserved for weekends in our house - but being a snow day an exception was made and he had a little amount of time on the PS3.  I baked cookies (so yummy) and then we headed back outside for another hour or so..... it was such a great day of just being together, and something that we all needed.
taking a break from shoveling the walk way

How do you spend your snow days?

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